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UnityPoint Health hospitals in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque and Waterloo are teaming up to bring you LiveWell with UnityPoint Health, on KCRG-TV9 during the Monday 10 p.m. news and Tuesday 6 a.m. news.

LiveWell is a series of one minute TV spots featuring UnityPoint Health Providers talking about new services, treatments and medical breakthroughs at UnityPoint Health hospitals in the region.

Featured Videos

When are Ear Tubes Needed?

Robyn Kolbet, DNP, UnityPoint Clinic Pediatrics

LiveWell TV: Why are Annual Physicals Important?

Featuring Nikki Woolley, DNP, UnityPoint Clinic

LiveWell TV: What is Lung Check?

Featuring Dr. Hamad Azam, UnityPoint Clinic Multi-Specialty Pulmonologist

LiveWell TV: Who Needs a Pacemaker?

Featuring Dr. Salam Sbaity, UnityPoint Health - Allen Hospital Electrophysiologist

LiveWell TV: Why do people have strokes?

Featuring Dr. Brian O'Shaughnessy, UnityPoint Clinic Neurology

LiveWell TV: What are common warm weather injuries?

Featuring William Fangman, MD, UnityPoint Health - Allen Hospital ER

LiveWell TV: How does vascular health impact wound healing?

Featuring Dr. David Arnold, Medical Director for UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital’s Wound and Hyperbaric Center

LiveWell TV: How much screen time should I allow my child?

Featuring Kim Frees - UnityPoint Clinic Pediatrics Screen time for kids

LiveWell TV: Are heart patients getting younger?

Featuring: Tauseef Khan, MD - UnityPoint Clinic Cardiology

What is Hospice and when do you use end-of-life care?

Featuring Amy Ganske, UnityPoint Hospice Manager

What is the difference between a sports physical and a full physical

Featuring Dinah Conti, MD, UnityPoint Clinic Pediatrics

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

Featuring Dr. Abha Saxena, UnityPoint Clinic Multi-Specialty, Nephrology

What is the latest technology for treating ongoing sinus problems?

Featuring Dr. Daniel Givens, UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital Specialty Surgeon

What are the benefits of a transradial cardiac cath?

Featuring Dr. Tauseef Khan, UnityPoint Clinic Cardiology

Why are door to balloon times so important?

Featuring Featuring Kalyana Sundaram, Allen Cardiovascular Medical Director

What can I do to prevent heart disease?

Featuring Dr. Tauseef Khan, UnityPoint Clinic Cardiology

Why are door to balloon times so important?

Featuring Featuring Kalyana Sundaram, Allen Cardiovascular Medical Director

Sports Medicine helps individuals return to active lives

Featuring Dr. Chris Palmer

Would you know what to do if you thought you or someone you know were having a heart attack? WATCH our video and learn. 

Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Wilkins, Director of Emergency Services, Allen Hospital

Snow Shoveling & heart attacks

Featuring Dr. Hisham Wagdy, UnityPoint Clinic Cardiology

Collaborative NICU Care

Featuring Dr. Pankaj Nagaraj, Allen Hospital NICU Medical Director

LifeGuard Air Ambulance

Featuring Dr. Joshua Pruitt, LifeGuard Air Ambulance Medical Director

What can cause kidney damage?

Featuring Dr. Abha Saxena, UnityPoint Clinic Diabetes & Kidney Center



Why should you have a primary care provider?

Featuring Dr. Tim Horrigan, UnityPoint Clinic Family Medicine

Where You Go For Care Matters

Featuring Dr. William Fangman, Allen Hospital Emergency Department

What are the Signs & Symptoms of a Heart Attack?

Featuring Kalyana Sundaram, Allen Cardiovascular Medical Director

What is Heart Failure?

Featuring Laila Payvandi, MD, UnityPoint Clinic Cardiology

You are Pregnant, Now What?

Featuring Jenna Sexton, RN, from UnityPoint Health St. Luke's Center for Women's and Children's Health

The Reasons Why its Important to Have a Mammogram

Featuring Lauren Zenisek, PA-C from UnityPoint Clinic Corridor Family Medicine


Oct. 12: 3D Mammograms: What are they and why are they better than 2D

Featuring Dr. Arnold Honick, medical director, St. Luke's Hospital Breast & Bone Health



Oct. 5: Women & Heart Disease: How a woman's heart attack symptoms are different

Featuring Dr. Laila Payvandi, UnityPoint Clinic Cardiology

Sept. 28: Radiation Therapy: What is it & why would you need it?

Featuring Dr. Bobby Koneru, UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital Wendt Cancer Center and UnityPoint Health St. Luke's Hospital Albert G. & Helen Nassif Radiation Center

Sept. 21: What you should know about strokes & recovery

Featuring Dr. Stan Mathew, UnityPoint Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation medical director 

Sept. 14: Where you deliver your baby matters

Featuring Dr. Andrew Nordine,  UnityPoint Health St. Luke's Hospital NICU medical director