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What Helps Me Make a Good Milk Supply & Make Breastfeeding Successful?

What Helps Me Make a Good Milk Supply & Make Breastfeeding Successful?

  • Frequent breastfeeding or pumping to keep your breasts soft and empty helps build and maintain a good milk supply.
  • Nurse baby or pump every 1-3 hours. At least 8-10 times or more each 24 hours for the first few weeks after birth, both day and night.
  • Milk left in the breast more than 3-4 hours slows your milk production & decreases your supply.
  • Drink plenty of fluids, eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fiber, and rest often day and night to help give you energy to nurse and care for your baby.

Please call the UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital Lactation Consultant with questions at (563) 513-7395.