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How to Help During COVID-19

As a nonprofit healthcare system, we are deeply grateful for the overwhelming charitable donations and offers of support pouring in from our amazing communities! Many are asking for ways to support our UnityPoint Health team members and patients. This page will be kept up to date with ways you can help us during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check back regularly for new information on the support we need and thank you for your generosity!

Donate to Support our Health Care Heroes

In these unprecedented times, it takes a village to meet the challenges of COVID-19. Your gift now, more than ever, will be felt. Even if you are not on the frontlines, your help will be. It will show what happens when our hearts, our humanity, and our communities rise, as one.

Your support of our Health Care Heroes will help us continue the battle of COVID-19. Your compassionate gift will ensure our doctors, nurses and countless other healthcare workers will have the resources they need to show up every day, for you. We are in this together and, together, we will get through this. Thank you for standing with us; you are at the center of everything we do.

Masks & Supplies

Handmade Masks

UnityPoint Health is collecting handmade masks. We ask that you follow the pattern and instructions here when making masks with a sewing machine. If you've already made masks using another pattern, that's OK. 

No-Sew Masks

If you want to make a mask for yourself and don't have a sewing machine available, try one of these easy, no-sewing options using either a bandana or an old t-shirt.

Supply Donations

We're also collecting supplies at all drop off locations. Supplies we're currently collecting are:

  • For Masks: elastic, hair ties, wax-covered string, pipe cleaners, double-sided adhesive tape
  • Disinfecting Wipes (with bleach-Sodium Hypoclorite: 0.55%)
  • Face Shields
  • Gowns (AAMI Level 3 or 4)
  • N95 Masks (medical grade, 1860, 1860S, 1870+)
  • Procedure Face Masks (ideal is Level 1 with earloops, but any will work at this time)
  • Hand Sanitizer (60% alcohol minimum)
  • Eye Protection (clear wrap around glasses or goggles)
  • Exam Gloves (nitrile powder-free, approved for chemotherapy, all sizes XSmall-XLarge)
  • Food (must be individually packaged)

Drop Off Locations

You can drop off masks and other supplies at one of these locations:

Finley Hospital
(Loading Dock on 3rd Street)
350 N Grandview Ave
Dubuque, IA 52001
Monday – Friday
11am – 1pm

Mask Tutorial