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Cardiac Education & Resources

What is Transradial Catheterization? 
If you or someone you know experiences heart trouble, they will likely undergo a cardiac catheterization. This procedure allows doctors to find out why the heart trouble exists by injecting contrast dye through a catheter that is inserted through the artery and watching the flow of the contrast dye under special x-ray equipment. Once the trouble area has been identified, the doctor has the information they need to fix it.  Learn more about the ways in which this procedure can be performed. 


Services Provided in Finley's Cath Lab
A cath lab is used for more than treating heart attacks. Services may include:

  • Checking blood flow in coronary arteries, as well as the pumping action of the heart, and determine how well the heart valves work.
  • Discovering diseases in coronary arteries or defects in the heart.
  • Opening narrowed coronary arteries.
  • Opening blocked vessels in the event of a heart attack.
Read more about the Finley's Cath Lab services. 

Ask the Expert: Are Heart Patients Getting Younger? 
Hear what Dr. Khan says about trends in heart health. 

Finley Resources

Finley Hospital offers a variety of resources for you to improve your health.  Learn about our Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs, schedule a Heart Scan, or speak with one of Finley's registered dietitians available Monday through Friday during regular business hours at (563) 589-2412.

Helpful Websites for Dieting and Information on How to Improve Overall Heart Health

American Heart Association

The official site of the American Heart Association.

Choose MyPlate

MyPlate serves as a resource to help consumers make healthier food choices.

The world's largest organization for food and nutrition professionals.

A free website that serves as a calorie counter, diet and exercise tracker.