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Treatment Options and Technology

At the Wendt Regional Cancer Center, the way you feel matters more than anything else. That is why we are dedicated to providing the best cancer care while remaining focused on innovation and the comfort of our patients. We have raised the standard of radiation cancer treatment available in the region with state-of-the-art linear accelerators, radiation simulator and computerized 3-D treatment-planning. 

Learn about our treatment options:

External Beam Radiation
Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
RapidArc Radiotherapy
Stereotactic Treatments
3D and 4D Planning

Advanced Cancer Care Technology

As part of a commitment to excellence in cancer patient care, UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital is pleased to offer our patients with advanced technology in our Wendt Regional Cancer Center. This allows us to provide the best quality cancer care and treatments to each patient.

State-Of-The-Art Tools

At the Wendt Center, we are continuously adapting to the ever-changing technology of radiation oncology. These technology advances have allowed us to uphold our commitment to providing comprehensive, individualized care to all those who need our services. These new state-of-the-art tools are implemented for the benefit of our patients; allowing us to serve more patients, treat more cancer types and provide outstanding cancer care to the people of Dubuque and the surrounding tri-state community.

Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)

IMRT is an advanced form of three-dimensional radiotherapy. It uses sophisticated software and hardware to vary the shape and intensity of radiation delivered to different parts of the treatment area.  It is one of the most precise forms of external beam radiation therapy available. With this, we effectively increase our chance of curing someone while at the same time decrease their side effects from treatment.


RapidArc radiotherapy technology delivers treatments using our TrueBeam linear accelerator. The linear accelerator rotates around the patient to deliver radiation treatments from nearly any angle. During a RapidArc treatment, radiation is shaped and reshaped as it is delivered continuously from virtually every angle in a 360-degree revolution around the patient.

Stereotactic Treatment 

Stereotactic treatments are non-surgical procedures that use highly focused x-rays to treat certain types of tumors and inoperable lesions. Our linear accelerator can perform radiosurgery on a tumor in a single session or during multiple sessions, which is called stereotactic radiotherapy. The machine rotates around the patient, delivering radiation beams from different angles. It uses special equipment to position the patient and precisely deliver the radiation.

3-D Treatment Planning

Optimal treatment planning procedures play a key role in achieving cancer care goals. Recent improvements in computer systems and treatment planning software allow physicians to visualize a patient's anatomy in three dimensions relative to the radiation treatment machines. Such three-dimensional treatment planning improves the accuracy of planning, creates better coverage of tumors, and reduces exposure to normal tissues.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

Used alongside stereotactic treatment, Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) is a type of therapy that uses frequent imaging to help improve the accuracy of the treatment delivery. Radiation oncology is constantly evolving, and researchers are always on the outlook for technology that will improve the outcomes of patients who need radiation therapy. IGRT is one of the most recent developments. 

Respiratory Gating

When patients breathe, the chest wall and abdominal organs move. Respiratory gating matches radiation treatment to the patient's respiratory pattern which allows focusing on the precise location of the cancerous area and the sparing of normal tissue.

On Board Image (OBI)

On Board Imaging makes accurate imaging extremely quick, as it is performed immediately before therapy once the patient has been placed in treatment position on the treatment table. This ensures that the patient and the tumor are in the same position as originally planned.