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Patient Stories 

All Aboard the S.S.S.: Support, Care Make the Difference for Prostate Cancer Patient

Back in 2015, Dan Schroeder of Guttenberg had a blood test done for a requirement for his insurance company. That blood test led to an unexpected diagnosis of prostate cancer. One special piece of Dan's cancer journey was the creation of the S.S.S., or Schroeder Support Squad. Throughout his treatment journey and beyond, Dan was grateful for the support from his family, friends, and care team. Click here to read more of Dan's story.

The Importance of Screenings: Peggy Hanson's Breast Cancer Journey

When Peggy Hanson was told she had a lump on her breast during her annual physical, she wasn't that worried. In her mid-forties with no risk factors, she surely didn't expect cancer. "I just had a feeling that it was just a cyst and it was nothing. I had no history of breast cancer in my family," Peggy said. Click here to read more of Peggy's story.

The Wendt Center Gave Me Hope: Sunshine Circle Volunteer Chooses Wendt Center for Treatment

When Jeannie Beckmann watched her mother go through a breast cancer diagnosis and pass away in 2018, it was quite challenging - physically, mentally, and emotionally. But, in early 2021, that cancer diagnosis became even more personal, as Jeannie was diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Click here to read more Jeannie's story.

Focus on the Future: Three-time Cancer Survivor Uses Positive Mindset to Overcome Diagnoses

A three-time cancer survivor, Thomas Emerson used his positive mindset to overcome his recent battle with lung cancer, while looking toward the future, after receiving cancer treatment at the Wendt Regional Cancer Center. Click here to read more of Thomas' story.

Oncology Rehab Helps Patient Find Voice After Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can lead to lasting side effects for patients, including speech or voice changes. That was the case for Pat Spautz after being treated for throat cancer, and the Oncology Rehabilitation program helped her get her voice back. Click here to read more of Pat's story.

Not Giving Up: Melanoma Survivor Looks Forward to Enjoying Life

In late fall 2020, Crystal Davis thought she had a swollen gland. After a consultation with a provider, it was likely a lymph node. It was later diagnosed as stage 3 melanoma of the lip. Click here to read more of Crystal's story.

'This Is the Place to Be:' Wendt Center Patient Appreciates Staff, Comprehensive Cancer Care

Cherie Kennedy's cancer journey started with a routine physical and mammogram screening. It was during her diagnostic mammogram that she got the news no one wants to hear - a biopsy was needed to confirm a breast cancer diagnosis. Click here to read more of Cherie's story.

Easier, More Convenient Treatments at Integrated Cancer Center

Michelle Allen, of Galena, Illinois, found out she had cancer in July 2020. Not only was she diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the lung, the cancer had also metastasized to the brain. With the type of cancer she was diagnosed with, Michelle required both radiation and chemotherapy treatments, all of which were done at the Integrated Cancer Center - a partnership between Dubuque's cancer experts - Grand River Medical Group's oncology clinic and the Wendt Regional Cancer Center. Click here to read more of Michelle's story.

Cancer Was a Blessing: Grateful Patient Reflects on Wendt Center Experience

When Ellen Hines found out she had breast cancer in January 2020, she had a few options for where she could receive treatment. With a short drive from Fennimore, Wisconsin and a referral from her doctor, Ellen began treatments at the Wendt Regional Cancer Center in March. It didn't take long for Ellen to realize how special the Wendt Center staff was. Click here to read more of Ellen's story.

World Traveler Treated for Prostate Cancer

From touring Scotland and Ireland to riverboat trips on the Rhine, Rhone and Danube rivers, Charlie Green, of Dubuque, has been to many places across the world, including living in Alaska for 35 years. Another place Charlie visited recently was the Wendt Regional Cancer Center, not for sight-seeing, but for radiation therapy after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Click here to read more of Charlie's story.

'A Sense of Clarity:' Wendt Center Patient Overcomes Breast Cancer, Health Challenges

Dubuque resident Jennifer Brashaw is a fighter in every sense of the word. From multiple sclerosis (MS) to heart troubles and breast cancer, Jennifer has overcome every battle that has come before her. In October 2019, Jennifer was hospitalized with heart failure, due to stress cardiomyopathy. Four months later, Jennifer found herself seeking medical care, but for something unrelated to her heart condition. This time, it was the possibility of breast cancer. Click here to read more of Jennifer's story.

Testing the Teacher: U.S. Army Veteran Fights Lung Cancer

For 38 years, Wayne Manders of Bellevue has sharpened the minds of young children as a junior high, fourth grade and second grade teacher at Marquette Catholic. In mid-September 2019, Wayne faced a far different type of test than what he had given his students many times throughout his teaching career -- stage 4 lung cancer. Click here to read more of Wayne's story.

'We Had No Other Choice Than to Keep Fighting:' Wendt Center Patient Raises Awareness as Breast Cancer Survivor

Julie Richardson is a loving wife to James and mother to four daughters: Jenna, Jadyn, Avery and Alison. But, when her world was rocked by a stage 1 breast cancer diagnosis in late July 2019, Julie knew she had to put up a fight for those she loved most. Click here to read more of Julie's story.

'It's Like a Big Hug:' Cancer Patient Finds Family at the Wendt Center

After early stage breast cancer was discovered on a routine mammogram, Laura Stanner, a mother of two, loving wife and devoted educational professional, received care at the Wendt Regional Cancer Center. During her treatment journey, she found herself becoming part of the Wendt Center family. Click here to read more of Laura's story.

A Veteran's Victory

From 1976 to 1982, Alan Schlarmann voluntarily served as a mechanic in the United States Army. Once a soldier in the military, Alan became a different kind of soldier when he was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in late August 2019. Read more of Alan's story by clicking here.

'They take you in as part of their family:' Wendt Center Welcomes Patient With Open Arms

On October 23, 2018, Dawn Bryant heard the worst words possible - "You have breast cancer." From that point on, Dawn embarked on a cancer journey that first started in Cedar Rapids, before she came home to Dubuque and UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital's Wendt Regional Cancer Center. Read more of Dawn's story by clicking here.

Genetic Counseling: The Gift of Knowing 

Carla Belken, Executive Director of Hospital Operations at UnityPoint Health – Finley Hospital, has worked in healthcare for more than 30 years in a variety of roles and capacities. She started as a hospital volunteer, before being hired as a CNA and working her way up to a hospital leadership position. Through everything she has experienced as a healthcare professional, Carla will never forget the personal experience that sparked her interest in becoming a nurse – her mother's battle with cancer. Click here to read more

Common Health Symptoms Turn Out to be Cancer

A personal story by Steve HirschShare your cancer story here.

My name is Steve Hirsch and my story begins in early 2017. At that time, I was experiencing hoarseness and wheezing. After seeing my family physician and cardiologist, I saw an ear, nose, throat specialist. Wanting to "cover all bases", Dr. Givens referred me to Dr. Schope, a lung specialist. Dr. Schope didn't hear any air moving in my left lung and was immediately concerned. From there, my whole world changed. Click here to read more

Cancer Care That Can Mend the Brokenness

A personal story by Sue Dolter. Share your cancer story here

Sue Dolter shares her experience receiving treatment for breast cancer at the Wendt Regional Cancer Center. Click here to read more.

Cancer Care with a Lasting Impact

A personal story by Ellen Bigelow. Share your cancer story here. 

From the first day that I walked thru the door into the Wendt Center, I felt like I was at home. I was met by Maggie at the front desk and she welcomed me like she had known me forever.

Thankful Patient 

A personal thank you from Gene Vigen. Share your cancer story here

I had 27 doses of radiation, Monday through Friday. My time went fast because of all the friendly and helpful people at Finley Hospital. I want to thank each and every one of them for making it so much easier. 

New Technology in the Right Hands

When 78-year-old Earlville resident Vincent Herman was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer, neither he nor his family thought much of the recommended treatment. So Vincent and wife, Betty, came to the Wendt Regional Cancer Center for a second opinion. Click here to read more.

On a difficult journey, Angie Gravel found support close to home.

"Aside from Finley making the process easy and comfortable, being so close to home was what made my experience all the better. I had 32 treatments, 32 days in a row, and only missed one day of work. There's nothing convenient about cancer especially when raising a four-year-old, but receiving treatment at Finley, I found out how much people will reach out and support you." Click here to read more.

Teamwork Unmasked in Finley Patient's Battle with Cancer

Paul Wiezorek's radiation mask rests on the table just a few short feet from him. It's Paul's spunk and generous nature - coupled with his determination and willingness to help others battling a similar journey - that dramatically fills the room as he lifts an electro-larynx to his right cheek, assisting him in sharing his story about his radiation mask and cancer journey. Click here to read more.

Proud to be a Breast Cancer Survivor

My name is Diane Carroll. I am a wife to my husband, Dan; a mother to my two children - Luke, age 18, and Lisa, age 14, both of whom attend Dubuque Senior High School. I am the daughter of Clete and Lavonne Kaiser; a sister to Deb Redmond and Steve Kaiser. I'm an aunt, godmother, sister-in-law, niece, friend and manager at Dubuque Internal Medicine. I am also proud to say I am a breast cancer survivor. Click here to read more. 

Amazing Team Working to Fight Cancer

Hello, my name is Karen Gonzalez. I am being honored here tonight because I am a breast cancer survivor. My cancer journey began, like so many others, with a routine mammogram. A suspicious area and a biopsy confirmed stage 2 ductal breast cancer. I underwent a lumpectomy and an axillary dissection due to positive lymph nodes. I was 47 and had no family history of breast cancer. I had my first of 8 chemotherapy treatments the week before my youngest son graduated from high school. After I finished chemotherapy, I spent the next six weeks getting radiation treatments at UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital Wendt Regional Cancer Center. During my treatment, I felt like I was part of an amazing team, all working to fight my cancer. Click here to read more.

Glad to be Fighting Cancer Battle Locally

September of 2014. I remember I was substitute teaching for a teacher who was being treated for breast cancer. Ironically, I noticed a large lump in my right breast. I didn't think it could be of concern, as I had just had a mammogram four months prior. Click here to read more. 

Cancer-Free Thanks to Care Close to Home

Once resigned to a double mastectomy, Tanya Kopp finds new hope close to home. They found the lump during a routine mammogram, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer last October 24. Since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 31 and had a double mastectomy, I assumed I would have to take the same course of action. My doctors in Wisconsin, and later at Finley Wendt Regional Cancer Center, decided to prescribe less aggressive treatment. Click here to read more. 

Gary Dolphin is Cancer Free Because Hope was Within Reach

Gary is a vice president at U.S. Bank in and the voice of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. When diagnosed with prostrate cancer, he conferred with oncologists and radiologists on where to receive treatment-the answer was right around the corner at the Finley Wendt Regional Cancer Center. Click here to read more. 

More Patient Stories

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