How to Save Milk | UnityPoint - Finley Hospital
Proper breast milk storage techniques.

How Do I Save My Milk?

  • Store breast milk in clean storage containers or plastic bags made for breast milk storage
  • Date all milk that you pump and save
  • Fresh milk is good 5-6 hours on the counter (at normal room temperature), 5-6 days in a refrigerator, 5-6 months in a freezer and up to a year in a deep freeze (below zero)
  • Fresh milk is good for 24 hours in a cooler
  • Thaw frozen milk in a bowl of warm water or overnight in the refrigerator. Use the oldest milk first. (once thawed, swirl/jiggle milk to mix, do not shake vigorously)
  • Thawed milk is good 24 hours in the refrigerator and should be used 24 hours after thawing
  • Do not microwave breast milk

Please call the UnityPoint Health Finley Hospital Lactation Consultant with questions at (563) 557-2837.