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Birth Center Testimonials

Confident Care: Mom Grateful During Twins' Finley NICU Experience

Ashley Ramler delivered her first baby, Cohen, in August 2018 at UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital. But, her second pregnancy was double the trouble, as her and her husband Craig were expecting twins, who were delivered on May 18th, 2021 - five weeks early. Click here to read more.

Staff, Family Help Deliver Positive Experience for Family Birthing Suites Patient

Due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions, Taylor Miller was able to have one support person with her during her hospital stay, yet she felt supported by her sister who was cheering her on from the Finley Hospital parking ramp during delivery. Click here to read more.

'The Best Place to Deliver:' NICU Mom Impressed with Care at Finley Hospital

When Juvona Camel delivered her baby boy, Cameron, five weeks early, he needed additional care and stayed in Finley's Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As a worrying mom, Juvona was thankful for the expert care her baby received right here in Dubuque. Click here to read more.

First-Time Parents Thankful for Supportive Staff in the Family Birthing Suites

Becoming first-time parents can often be an overwhelming experience, but for Cody Lange and Shelby Scales, the Family Birthing Suites staff was there to support them every step of the way in their new journey as mom and dad. Click here to read more.

'Beyond Every Expectation:' NICU Mom Thankful for Care Close to Home

After being diagnosed with Placenta Previa during pregnancy, Kellie Drury delivered her baby boy via emergency C-Section at UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital. With her baby being born several weeks early, baby Arlo stayed in Finley's Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for 20 days. Click here to read more.

Positive Reviews Turn Into Positive Experience for Family Birthing Suites Patient

Darshan and Sneha Shukla recently moved to Dubuque and used positive online reviews to decide where to delivery their first baby. Those reviews led them to UnityPoint Health - Finley Hospital's Family Birthing Suites unit, where the Shukla family had a positive birthing experience. Click here to read more.

'Everyone Genuinely Loved Him:' Baby Brigham Goes Home After Stay in Finley's NICU

In late December, Clint and Kalli Bormann were anxiously expecting their first bundle of joy. Seven weeks early, Brigham Clinton Bormann was welcomed into the world on December 30th, 2020 at 5 pounds, 1 ounce and 18 1/2 inches long. After an extended stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Finley Hospital and care provided by a multi-disciplinary team, Brigham was able to go home on January 25th. Click here to read more.

Meet Griffin: A Finley Baby

One thing that stood out to me was the cooperation and teamwork between the nursing staff. I felt a great deal of trust in my nurses, because I could tell they trusted each other. The staff was not afraid to ask each other for help or suggestions. Click here to read more.

Meet Clarke: A Finley Baby

We were greeted by all staff in such a welcoming way. As first-time parents, we were not quite sure what to expect, especially during COVID. The entire staff made our stay easy and comfortable. Click here to read more.

'A Great Experience Every Time:' Patient Delivers Fourth Baby at Finley During Pandemic

When Becca Kenkel came to Finley Hospital to deliver her fourth baby, there were quite a few new things about her upcoming experience: delivering during the COVID-19 pandemic and having a C-Section. Becca was tested for COVID-19 48 hours prior to her scheduled induction, as a way to keep her and Finley staff safe during her hospital stay. To read more, click here.

Meet Walker: A Finley Baby

They made us feel so comfortable. My nurse was always checking in and making sure me and my husband were good and had everything we needed. During these crazy times, I was definitely nervous to be in the hospital delivering a newborn. But our nurses took that nervousness away and just made us feel like whatever was going on outside our room wasn't happening. To read more, click here.

Meet Merrick: A Finley Baby

What we appreciated most during our stay was how all the nurses and providers kept their composure and did their jobs as normal, considering the circumstances surrounding the current pandemic. It has got to be a very stressful time to be a nurse/doctor during times like these and not a single provider acted like it phased them, even considering all of the extra PPE they had to wear, which had to be extremely uncomfortable. Our healthcare workers are true heroes during this time, and we couldn't be more thankful of the excellent care we received from those at Finley Hospital! To read more, click here.

Meet Oliver: A Finley Baby

Each nurse that took care of us, day or night, was amazing! They were all very patient with us, as we adjusted to being new parents. We appreciated how each nurse was able to provide us with information about our newborn and the care he needed. Click here to read more.

Meet Grayson: A Finley Baby

I cannot recall my favorite nurse's name, because of my long stay and the variety of people I met. It was the nurse that discharged me on the evening of Thanksgiving. She was a very caring nurse! She doesn't only hear, but she listens. When I left, she made sure I had everything I needed. Click here to read more. 

Meet Amelia: A Finley Baby

The doctors, nurses, cafeteria staff and the cleaning staff were all respectful, attentive and kind. They made us feel like we were at home. Click here to read more.

Meet Landon: A Finley Baby

From the moment we got to our delivery room to the moment we walked out of the hospital doors to go home we were taken such good care of by all the nurses and providers at Finley. Click here to read more.

Meet Dawson: A Finley Baby

We had a wonderful experience at Finley! This was our second baby born here and everything was just as great this time as it was the first. Click here to read more.

Meet Posey: A Finley Baby

We came in as strangers (as our other children were born at a neighboring facility) and feel we left as part of the UnityPoint Family. We were skeptical going in as it wasn't our "norm" and we feared the unknown, but quickly felt at ease as the hospitality, friendliness, professionalism, and support shown was stellar! The whole experience will forever fill our hearts with warmth and love. Click to read more here. 

Meet Ruthie Marie: A Finley Baby

Even though nothing went according to "my birth plan", everyone that came into my room made me feel at home and made sure I was comfortable and never let on that this was going to be a difficult time or procedure. I will forever be grateful to all the nurses that took care of Ruthie and I during our stay. Click here to read more.

Meet Marlee Jo: A Finley Baby

I am so very, very thankful for nurses Amy, Lisa, and Tammy for being so professional and so kind. They knew exactly what to do in a stressful situation. Marlee is a beautiful healthy baby and I couldn't have asked for better care while at the hospital. Click here to read more.

Meet Paige: A Finley Baby

From start to finish our care at Finley was exceptional. Our nurse Barb who was there for delivery earned our trust and confidence early on. We entrusted her with our care and she was everything and more. She has the skill and experience that we knew we could expect from any nurse at Finley. I would recommend anybody to have their baby at Finley Hospital. Click here to read more.

Meet Clement: A Finley Baby

I always looked forward to Heidi coming in at night she would talk to me and treated me like family. Lori was my labor and delivery nurse who did amazing! She also came back and checked on me even though I was not her patient. Click here to read more.

Meet Waylon: A Finley Baby

We loved Barb, Mindy, Sue, Nita, and Heidi there were a couple others as well we loved! (Make sure they all get chocolates) That is my favorite part about being at the hospital is being with the nurses. I am always sad to leave them because they were my biggest supporters. Click here to read more.

Meet Ty: A Finley Baby

I am so happy we delivered at Finley as they have made our first birth experience one to remember! We appreciate all the friendly staff we got to be with during our stay! Click here to read more. 

Meet Carter: A Finley Baby

Having Carter at Finley Hospital was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I kept telling myself that I only want to have one child but with how great the experience was, you just might see me back there again. The nurses were unbelievably AMAZING. Click here to read more.

Meet Hawthorne: A Finley Baby

The attention and service that Tammy provided while we were in early labor and that she coached both me and my husband through active labor.  Click here to read more. 

Meet Quinnlyn: A Finley Baby

From the moment we arrived we were greeted with warm smiles and a caring staff. Each individual we encountered during our stay went out of their way to ensure the best care for myself and my daughter. Not only did we receive great medical care but the staff was very personable offering advice when asked and taking time to get to know my family and our needs. Click here to read more