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Local Love: Dubuque Couple Treated for Cancer, Close to Home

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Bobbi and Michael Martin were treated for breast cancer and brain cancer, respectively, at the Wendt Regional Cancer Center in Dubuque.

For over 40 years, Michael and Bobbi Martin have lived out the phrase - love is an action. For the Dubuque couple, their love raised a family, created passions for entertaining and the outdoors, and built a life in this community. 

That same love was the foundation for a trying time in the couples' lives, as Michael and Bobbi were both treated at the Wendt Regional Cancer Center for brain cancer and breast cancer, respectively. Michael recently finished treatments, while Bobbi is four years post-treatment.

While both cancer diagnoses required different care plans, Michael and Bobbi compared their options when choosing where to go for cancer treatment. This included getting second opinions at the University of Iowa, before ultimately choosing the Wendt Center as their place for treatments. 

In Bobbi's case, the care plans the team had created for her were aligned with what the University of Iowa would've prescribed for her.

"I did get a second opinion, which agreed with the protocol that was already considered at the Wendt Center," Bobbi said. "With that, I didn't see why I wouldn't utilize our hometown facility - the convenience and professionalism were right here in our own backyard. I also had friends who conveyed how pleased they were with the care and compassion they received at the Wendt Center."

When it came time for Michael's treatment plan, a more radical approach was needed. However, the couple felt, based on Bobbi's experience with her breast cancer treatment, the Wendt Center was the place they wanted to go. Michael's medical team, at the University of Iowa, supported and agreed that his radiation treatments should be administered through the Wendt Center, as they believed the Wendt Center had a great reputation for cancer care. Additionally, Michael's radiation and chemotherapy needs could be met by local, professional staff in Dubuque. 

For Michael, the Wendt Center staff played a role in maintaining a positive outlook during the cancer treatment journey.

"Everyone here helps you enjoy life and stay positive," Michael said. "They are understanding, kind, and full of joy. The great staff here recognize that there is so much more to your day than cancer treatment. They make each visit personal and comfortable, while providing the gift of hope that is essential when being treated for a devastating illness. Those kinds of attitudes and smiles are everything. As soon as you walk in, they truly are here to help and support."

As the couple reflected on their experiences of being treated at the Wendt Center, they firmly believe this type of care would not be delivered in bigger cities or healthcare facilities. 

It's a testament to the wonderful care the Wendt Center team strives to provide during cancer treatment for all patients.

"Our family continues to tell us it truly is local love at the Wendt Center," Bobbi said. "They've stayed late or opened up early to fit treatments in for Michael. They were just so accommodating and good to us. The care, love, and concern - it's pretty amazing. Their love is full of action." 

Michael agrees. 

"It is great to have this cancer center in Dubuque," Michael said. "The additional time and stress to travel out of town would have taken such a toll on me. We are grateful for the skill, kindness, and convenience of the Wendt Center and their marvelous staff full of knowledge and compassion." 

One of the components to the care the Martins received at the Wendt Center was communication with the staff. Whether it was communicating treatment schedules or answering questions, the Martins knew they could count on the Wendt Center staff to be there. 

"They were very patient with us," Bobbi said. "They always had everything written out and accommodated us. They were so very considerate."

With a cancer diagnosis comes enhanced emotions - from the unknowns to outcomes, it is a trying time for patients, family members, and friends.

Michael and Bobbi chose not to let that deter them from living their lives, and more importantly, enjoying life. The couple enjoys socializing with friends and family, biking, pickleball, concerts, and the Mississippi River. 

They truly are striving to live their best life, in the now. 

"Life is meant to be lived," Bobbi said. "Life truly does go on, and we keep experiencing all of life's moments together."

"We are here to encourage and give hope," Michael said. "We appreciate every precious day to live and laugh with our friends and family."

The Martins are thankful for the Dubuque community, whether it was in the form of prayers, errands, delicious meals, or visits with smiles, the couple has felt the love from those in their social circles, church groups, co-workers, and neighbors.

Michael and Bobbi believe it is proof of just how special Dubuque is.

"The gem, or beauty, of living in Dubuque is that people are always wanting to do something to help," Michael said. "We are here to help each other through the challenges. That transcends from the care provided at the Wendt Center to the people who work there and what they do every day."

"It really does touch your heart," Bobbi said. "We have to keep going on. All of the support and generosity we've received definitely touches our heart, and we have found a lot of joy here. We are so grateful."

To learn more about Dubuque's cancer care expert, visit this link.