Sara Hawk | OB/GYN Patient Stories at UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Sara's Testimonial

Sara Hawk was looking for something special when she was searching for an OB provider during her first pregnancy. Her search led her to  Midwife Services at UnityPoint Health - Des Moines. The Midwives provided her family with compassion and the personalized care they were looking for.

Midwife Services delivered Sara and Frank's  first child, Ira, in August 2009, and their second child, Lincoln, in April 2011. The following is a testimonial from Sara written in her own words.

Sara's Testimonial

The health care industry presents many different choices to us as consumers. We are able to choose where we want to obtain health care and from what type of practitioner we feel comfortable with. Since I am an advanced practice nurse, it was particularly important to me that we find a hospital and practice dedicated to meeting my goals. When my husband and I found out that we were going to become parents, we knew we wanted to receive care from an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable health care provider. Our search led us to Midwife Services and we have never been even the slightest disappointed in our decision. They have always gone above and beyond and exceeded our expectations!

Everyone at the Midwife Services clinic has always been positive and helpful and greeted me with a smile. When we were pregnant with our second child I couldn't believe how everyone was interested in knowing how we had been, how life was with our one year-old, and how excited they were that we were pregnant for the second time! Everyone at the clinic makes us feel like we are truly special to them. They have a personal touch and seem genuinely interested in making sure that our entire family is taken care of.

In particular, I appreciated the extra time the Midwives took to teach and educate me about my pregnancy. They treated me as a whole person paying attention to each of my individual needs. Working as a health care professional, my work schedule is unpredictable and they were all so helpful as conflicts came up. I appreciate the secretaries, nurses and midwives being so understanding and accommodating in trying to work me in for my appointments.

My Delivery Experience

Susan Hernandez, CNM, delivered both of our sons and to me, the experience was about much more than just "delivering" our children. Susan was amazing during the labor and delivery - she was great at distracting me from the contractions, helping me focus when I needed to and she was so supportive and encouraging. Susan did a great job of reminding me about what to expect as I entered the different stages of labor. She wasn't concerned about making the experience convenient for herself, instead she was focused on helping me meet my birth plan goals while doing the best thing for the baby and me. She has helped to make the birth of both our sons an awesome, unforgettable experience. My husband and I can't imagine having another baby without her! 

We had an absolutely wonderful delivery and birth experience at Iowa Methodist Maternity Center. Our beautiful birthing suite was spacious enough to accommodate our families and even the food was really good. Every single staff member we saw or talked with, from the midwives to our pediatrician, the nurses, educators, and support staff, were all very attentive to our needs. Having Blank Children's Hospital right next door was also such a comfort to us. Even though we didn't need them, knowing they were there in a moments notice was enough.

What is it Like to be a Mom?

I've been thinking about this question a lot lately, especially around Mother's Day, and I can say that it has been just an amazing experience. This last year it has been fun having a boy who can holler, "Mom, Mama, Mooommmy!" It truly makes being a mom so much more real! I feel like I have accomplished many things in my thirty-some years of life, but being Mom to Ira and Lincoln is the single best thing I have ever done! Even after being in nursing anesthesia school, being a mom is the most challenging thing I have ever done. Watching the expressions on their faces as they grow, develop and discover this world is just priceless. I wouldn't trade it for anything. They are two very much loved little boys!