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Routine Care

1. Prepare Equipment

It is a good idea to organize your ostomy equipment ahead of time. You will need your measuring guide, scissors, appliance and cleansing equipment.  

2. Removal of Appliance

Lift edge of support tape.
Can use adhesive remover against skin seal to assist in removing wafer.
Gently push against the skin as you lift the wafer off. 

3. Skin Cleansing

After removing the wafer, cleanse around the stoma with plain soap and water.
Avoid lotion or deodorant soaps.
There may be a little blood on the stoma with cleaning, this is normal. 

4. Using Sizing Guide

During the post operative period the stoma size may decrease as some of the swelling goes down.

5. Preparing the Wafer

Continue to size and cut the wafer smaller as the swelling subsides.
The wafer should be cut a little larger than the stoma.

6. Preparing the Wafer (cont'd)

Use scissors to cut the stoma shape on the wafer.
Use your finger to smooth any rough edges on the opening that you just cut.

7. Pre Cut Wafers

  • There are precut wafers available for your use after the swelling is resolved. This will occur at about 6 weeks post operative. Your stoma needs to be round.

8. Applying the Wafer

Center the wafer and place on your abdomen.
Rub the surface to adhere the wafer to your abdomen.
Hold pressure for at least 5 minutes to assure a good seal.

9. Applying the Pouch

Line the pouch up with the wafer and snap on. The wafer and pouch attach like tupperware or a zip lock bag.
Close the opening using the lock n roll closure or your clip.