Melissa Wardell | Patient Stories at UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Melissa's Testimonial

Melissa Wardell has been seeing the providers at Midwife Services since her first pregnancy in 2007. Melissa and her husband Dan have had nothing but positive experiences and to put it in their own words, they "absolutely love the midwives!"

Midwife Services delivered their first child, Max, in November 2007, and their second child, Charlotte, who was born in September 2009. When Melissa found out they were expecting their third child due in the fall of 2011, there was no question where they'd be going. The following is a testimonial from Melissa written in her own words.

Becoming a Mom

As a first-time mom, I thought I knew what to expect.  I had read the books and talked to many friends who'd had babies before me.  But my pregnancy experience with my first was so different from anything I'd read about or heard about!  I had weird symptoms that no one told me I might experience and I started to wonder what this little life inside of me was doing to my body.

My first OB appointment with the midwives was nearly an hour, and at least half of that time, the midwife was in the room with me, talking about how I was feeling and what to expect. She answered all sorts of questions from both me and my husband Dan. Dan had a lot of misconceptions about midwife care and they were able to answer his questions and put a number of fears to rest. The fact that they would take this time to make sure we were comfortable and ready to move forward was amazing to me.

My Birth Experience

Our midwife who delivered Max was fantastic!  She did a great job of taking charge and talking me through the delivery. It was also wonderful to see how she included Dan in the birth experience. She coached him on how to count for me and made him feel like an important part of the process. My delivery with Charlotte went very fast and Pam Jach was there for the delivery and helped us welcome our baby girl into the family.

The nursing staff at Iowa Methodist Maternity Center was fabulous for the birth of both of my children. They were very caring and helpful and I truly believe that the OB nurses don't get enough credit for all that they do!

Going Above and Beyond

The main thing I tell my friends about the midwife experience is how wonderful it is to have all that personal attention! The midwives take their time in the room with you at each visit. They sit and listen to you. They ask you questions and wait for the answers. They are encouraging and supportive. 

To this day, every time I call or visit the midwife office, I am immediately recognized and called by my name. The administrative staff, nurses, and midwives all ask about my husband and children by name. It is a great feeling to know they care so much about me and my family. 

I am so excited to be seeing the midwives again for my third pregnancy. I joke with them that I'm going to keep going until I've had a baby with each of them. I more than likely won't make that goal - but I know I'd be well taken care of if I did!