Lindsay Linn | OBGYN Patient Stories at UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

Lindsay's Testimonial

Lindsay Linn had a unique pregnancy. Battling Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PLOS), Lindsay had difficulty getting pregnant and was led to Mid Iowa Fertility by Dr. Curtis Hoegh. Then she became pregnant.

Lindsay had many ups and downs with fertility and with her pregnancy. Dr. Hoegh was sure to be there for Lindsay and her family through every difficult and exciting step. The following is a testimonial from Lindsay written in her own words.

Lindsay had met with many doctors, but because her mother, Jennifer Wilken, is the nurse for Dr. Hoegh and Lindsey worked for UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Physicians, it seemed that Dr. Hoegh was the best fit for her. Lindsay and her mother Jennifer both knew the personal touch Dr. Hoegh had with his patients was definitely something Lindsay wanted from her doctor.

Always There for me

Because my mom is Dr. Hoegh's nurse and because I had worked with him at Methodist Plaza OB/GYN, I knew that he would be a good fit for my pregnancy and me. I knew that patients liked him a lot and that he had a personal touch with each of them.

Because of my PLOS, we had troubles conceiving. Finally, with a referral from Dr. Hoegh, we found a fertility specialist at Mid Iowa Fertility. When I did become pregnant, we of course went to Dr. Hoegh and he was great.

Dr. Hoegh was great in so many ways; he went above and beyond what he needed to. When he was on call, he would come over to our Methodist Plaza OB/GYN office to make sure that I was doing well, and he made himself available at all times. Dr. Hoegh made sure that I knew how much he cared about me as a patient.

From the beginning, I was schedule for a C-section. We had scheduled the surgery for February 11, but three days before that, I went into labor. I was at Methodist Plaza OB/GYN working, so Dr. Niederhauser checked on me and called Dr. Hoegh as soon as we knew what was going on.

As it happened, it was Dr. Hoegh's day off when I went into labor. When he got Dr. Niederhauser's call that I was in labor, he made sure that he could make it in. Dr. Hoegh showed up in time to perform the C-section and bring our son Riley into the world.