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Lilian's Testimonial

Lilian had to be convinced that at 45 years of age she really was expecting a new bundle of joy. Even though it may have been unexpected, Lilian was excited to have a baby in the house again and to have the extra help of her two sons this time around.

The doctors and nurses at Penn Avenue OB/GYN were with Lilian every step of the way and there when she unexpectedly delivered baby Riziki at 35 weeks. The following is a testimonial from Lilian written in her own words

Becoming a Mom Again at 45

I was definitely surprised to find out that I was pregnant at the age of 45, but I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm so proud and happy that it happened and that we have our beautiful baby girl Riziki with us today!

The possibility that I might be pregnant never crossed my mind. I wasn't having any of the normal pregnancy symptoms and it wasn't until about three weeks into the pregnancy that I started feeling very cold in the evening and having night sweats while I was sleeping. I also noticed my diet changing and feeling hungry more than usual at night. I realized at that point that something wasn't quite right and decided to schedule an appointment with my family physician. 

After a few tests I was told during my visit with the doctor that I was pregnant. I literally thought he was joking and then I realized that he wasn't. To say I was surprised was an understatement and my emotions had me wondering how I was going to handle a newborn baby at my age. After I had a little time to comprehend the information and discuss it with my family, I started to realize how excited I was and how optimistic my family was. My two sons were convinced that I was going to have a girl this time and I started to relax and realize how much of a blessing this was.

My Experience with Penn Avenue OB/GYN

I was determined to find an OB provider that had my best interests in mind and didn't regard me as just another number. During my first visit at Penn Avene OB/GYN I knew I had made the right decision. Everything about that first visit, from the receptionist to the nurse and the doctor, had me convinced that I was in the right place. I was delighted and surprised to find out my physician, Dr. Jerusa Kamala, was even able to speak my native language of Kiswahili (national language in Kenya). I had no prior knowledge of this coming into the visit so it was a welcomed surprise.

The staff shared in our joy as we found out that indeed, we were expecting a little girl. A new sense of joy and purpose filled my heart and we were all so happy to hear the news.

My Delivery Experience

At 35 weeks of pregnancy, the unexpected happened. My water suddenly broke in the middle of the night. I had not prepared myself for an early delivery and the nursery wasn't even finished yet. We scrambled getting everything ready that night and headed to the hospital. I was originally scheduled to deliver at Methodist West Hospital by C-section but because of the early labor, we were sent to Iowa Methodist Maternity Center instead. We had originally scheduled the delivery for May 4 so that Riziki's father could be here for the birth. He is currently working outside of the country and we were sad that he was not going to be here for the delivery but we made the best of it.

From the moment I arrived to the hospital we received excellent care. The doctors explained every procedure and made sure I was well prepared for what was going to come next. The nurses on duty were all so nurturing and provided care above and beyond the expectation.

Life with Baby Riziki

I feel so blessed to have Riziki as a member of our family and we get so much joy from watching her grow. My two sons have been so helpful and they are both proud to have a little sister. They take turns helping to care for her and we can't imagine what life would be like without our beautiful Riziki.