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Laura J's Testimonial

Laura's TestimonialWhen Laura Jackovin found out she was expecting, her sisters and friends suggested she see The Iowa Clinic specialists at Methodist West Hospital.  Laura took them up on their recommendation, and she couldn't imagine receiving better care.  

"All of the doctors are great, but I got to know Dr. Perry Osborn really well," said Laura. "He's very laid back, easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable. Not once did he make me feel silly for asking any questions."

He was also there for Laura and her husband during a heartbreaking moment in the midst of their second pregnancy.

"At our 12 week check-up, Dr. Osborn had to tell us the news that no parent wants to hear - there is something wrong with your baby," said Laura. "He was very sincere when having to tell us the bad news; he explained everything in great detail as to what the condition was, what are chances were and where we go from here. Our second baby was a boy, and we lost him at 17 weeks."

Today, Laura and her husband have two healthy boys, Will and Owen. Now, she is the one suggesting expecting mothers visit the Methodist West Maternity Center.

"From check-in to check-out, the whole staff is awesome," said Laura. "I have referred so many people to Iowa Clinic, and all have had great experiences and refer their family and friends.

"The only downside I can think of is if you're trying to keep your pregnancy a secret, it might be tough. On more than one occasion, I've seen a few friends at their first appointment."