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Laura H's Testimonial

Laura's TestimonialAs soon as Methodist West Hospital opened in 2009, Laura Hoegh knew she wanted to deliver there. Now, two children later, Laura would not trade the experiences she has had at Methodist West for anything. The following is a testimonial from Laura in her own words.

I had the privilege of touring Methodist West Hospital before it opened to the public in 2009 and knew instantly I wanted to deliver there. The inviting colors and spaciousness of the maternity rooms reminded me of home; the staff's friendly faces read warm and welcoming; and, the atmosphere embraced my presence. As I was touring the hospital with my husband, I begin to entertain the idea of having a baby (hoping, of course, my husband would be on board at some point).

After about a year, the maternity center transformed from being a dream of delivering there to a reality. In late August 2010, our first son was born at Methodist West and my stay was nothing short of what I had anticipated and dreamed. Dr. Kaufman and the nurses were absolutely amazing - providing me a wonderful first experience. That first feeling of being mom seemed so natural and effortless, thanks to the constant care and encouragement of the nurses. In fact, the day I was released to go home, I was quite emotional as this had become my home the past few days and the staff had become my family; I was not ready to leave the hospital nor did I want to.

Just shy of two years later, I excitedly arrived at the hospital with my husband to deliver our second baby. Anticipating a quick delivery and soon realizing it wasn't going to happen this way, the staff allowed me to feel at ease considering the complicated positioning of the baby and slow progression of labor. Dr. Lehman and the nurses were comforting, trusting and reliable, allowing me to relax as much as I possibly could. A baby boy finally arrived, happy and healthy. The care of the staff continued to amaze me. Also, since our second son was born with so much hair, the nurses humorously styled his hair in a mohawk. We enjoyed that.

I am not certain how many children my husband and I will decide to have, but I am certain of one thing: I wouldn't mind experiencing that feeling of "home" at least one more time at Methodist West. Each time I drive past the hospital, a smile forms on my face as, for a brief moment, I relive two of the most precious moments in my life.