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Katie's Testimonial

Katie Mitchell had a very unique first pregnancy.  She began leaking amniotic fluid at 25 weeks and had to be admitted to Iowa Methodist and put on bed rest at 30 weeks. Katie is very thankful for the physicians and nurses that were there to help her welcome her little boy, Micah, into the world in February 2011.

An entire team of providers at UnityPoint Health - Des Moines came together to provide Katie and Micah with the care they needed, including the providers at Penn Avenue OB/GYN, Dr. Karen Drake from Perinatal Services (high-risk), and the doctors and nurses at Blank Children's Hospital. The following is a testimonial from Katie written in her own words.

Welcoming Micah into the World

Being in the hospital on bed rest for a month before my delivery was a very scary situation for a new mom. During a time that could have been very depressing, I remember how every one was so wonderful and positive. I was so thankful for the time Dr. Drake, the OB nurses, and my OB doctors spent with me each day. They truly helped me put my mind at ease! I want to give the OB nurses at the Iowa Methodist Maternity Center so much recognition. Their job is not easy but I never knew if one of them was having a bad day because they were so caring of me! I truly miss all of them because they became friends. They were there with me every day and helped to prepare me so well for delivery.

It was nice to have Dr. Drake and my OB providers communicating with one another before and during my delivery. I always felt safe in their care and knew that they were well prepared for any possibilities that may come up. Dr. Jerusa Kamala from Penn Avenue OB/GYN was my doctor when I was induced at 34 weeks. Her and Dr. Drake worked together to bring baby Micah into the world weighing just 3 pounds and 15 ounces. I was so grateful for their expertise and couldn't have done it without them.

Our Wonderful Care at Blank Children's Hospital NICU

After Micah was born he was admitted to the Blank Children's NICU for his low birth weight and to have surgery for an esophageal trachea fistula. This condition prevented Micah from being able to swallow and therefore prevented him from eating. Dr. Michael Irish was his surgeon and we couldn't have asked for a better doctor. He did an amazing job. He was so kind and we truly felt confident in his ability to take care of our little boy during a really scary time for us. I was unable to visit the NICU immediately after Micah was born because of complications I had after his delivery. I was so impressed with Dr. Irish when he took time out of his day to come up to my room to personally explain to me the entire surgery process. Even after Micah's surgery he came and checked on Micah every day.

The entire NICU staff was also great. Micah had his primary nurse who worked nights, her name was Nikki and we absolutely loved her. She was easy to talk to and answered so many questions for me. If she didn't know the answer, she'd find someone that did and have an answer for me within the hour. We really loved all of the nurses in the NICU who cared for Micah because they treated him like he was one of their own.

Micah's time in the NICU was scary but we made the best of it and I learned so much from all of the nurses who cared for him. Micah was in the NICU for three weeks and even though it was so exciting to finally bring him home, we definitely missed some of the people we built relationships with over those intense first three weeks of Micah's life!

My Care at Penn Avenue OB/GYN

I received wonderful care at Penn Avenue OB/GYN and would recommend them to anyone. Even before Micah was born, I was so thankful for the nurse practitioners that I saw for my regular appointments. They spent so much time explaining everything to me. When I found out I was pregnant, Diane Clevenger, one of the nurse practitioners, sat down with me and we spent a lot of time discussing the many questions I had. She helped me prepare for how my life was going to change and provided great information on how to have a health pregnancy. 

I'll never forget when I brought Micah with me for my six-week check-up and everyone in the office wanted to come out and see how he was doing. Even Dr. Kamala, who I know has a busy schedule, came out to the waiting room to see him. This gesture again showed how much they care for their patients!