What to Expect During a Kidney Transplant | UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

During Your Kidney Transplant

During Surgery

Q: How long does the kidney transplant surgery take?

A: Surgery time depends on body size, age and comorbidities (other medical problems). A kidney transplant typically takes 2-4 hours.


Q: What happens after surgery?

A: After surgery you are taken to recovery. You will be there for 1-2 hours.  Typically, you are then transferred to our transplant floor, Younker 5. 

Q: What should I expect once I get to Younker 5?

A: You will receive one-on-one care with a transplant trained nurse from Younker 5 for the first 24 hours. They monitor vital signs very carefully and start the education process with you and your support team.

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