Counseling Services For Cancer Patients | John Stoddard Cancer Center
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Psychology and Counseling Services

The staff at the John Stoddard Cancer Center realizes that proper treatment of cancer not only includes addressing the physical symptoms but the psychological ones as well. "What's On Your Mind?" is designed with this thought in mind.

Provided at no charge by the John Stoddard Cancer Center, this program provides psychological services to patients at a time when it is needed most. Individual and group counseling sessions are available. For group sessions, each patient will undergo a brief individual screening prior to joining to determine appropriateness for group therapy.

Each session begins with a discussion of the problems faced in the previous session. The group's facilitator then discusses, analyzes and works through these issues with the group. Handouts on psychological strategies for handling these problems, as well as a bibliography of additional resources are also provided. Individual and group counseling topics that may be addressed include:

  • The grief process. Will my life ever be the same? Where am I in the grief process?
  • What about my family? What should I tell them? What do I need from them? Where are they in the grief process?
  • What about my emotions? How do anxiety, depression, and personality affect my treatment, compliance, and outcome? Is there anything to help my mood?
  • What about the future? What should I do when I don't know what the future holds?
  • Am I helping or hindering my therapy? Is there more I should be doing? Are there things I should stop doing?
  • Other topics are addressed as needed.