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Our equipment meets or exceeds FAA rules. 

Helicopter Safety

The pilot and/or flight crew controls activity around the aircraft. Always follow these rules:

  • Everyone must stay 100 feet from the aircraft.
  • Approach and depart the aircraft from the front only.
  • Do not enter or leave the rotor-arc when the helicopter is starting up.
  • No running or smoking within 50 feet of the aircraft.
  • All items within 100 feet must be secured.
  • No one is allowed into the landing zone until the aircraft is in steady flight.

Landing Zone Criteria

  • Minimum size: 100 ft. x 100 ft.
  • Clear of debris
  • Level, firm terrain with no obstructions
  • No power lines or overhead obstructions nearby
  • No vehicles or people within the zone

Landing Zone Officers

  • Assume command and secure landing zone.
  • Only one person can be in radio contact with the aircraft.
  • LifeFlight does not use 10 codes.
  • Direct pilot using directions such as north, south, east or west. Don't use road names.
  • Don't stand in the landing zone.

Night Operations

  • Don't shine lights at the helicopter.
  • Don't use cones, flares or tape to mark the site.
  • Emergency vehicles may be parked so their headlights intersect the landing site. They can also be parked beneath wires to mark them.
  • Lights may be placed onto poles showing wires between them.