There are many opportunities for involvement in research available to residents in our program. This comprises primarily clinical and outcomes-based research.

There are tremendous opportunities for research available to residents in the program with excellent advisors and mentors to support and encourage those who elect to participate. Each year the program conducts a grand rounds devoted to "Research in Des Moines" where the results of research efforts for the prior year are highlighted. Information is also shared regarding new research opportunities available to residents in the upcoming year.

Residents and faculty publish and present results of this research at regional, national and even international scientific meetings. Several residents have initiated research projects during residency training that they will continue and take with them to their fellowship training site after graduation.

Research Resources

  • The Stoddard Cancer Research Center: perform pioneering bench research developing new treatments for cancer and other genetic diseases.
  • The Office of Clinical Research: assist residents and faculty with clinical research studies.
  • The University of Iowa Preventive Intervention Center: support several research projects enrolling patients from central Iowa.
  • The Iowa Oncology Research Association: coordinate a large number of clinical research projects studying prevention, screening and new treatments for cancer.
  • Hayden Smith, PhD, M.P.H. Research Coordinator: plays an active role assisting faculty and residents in the design, implementation and analysis of data in clinical research projects, as well as the final writing and submission of manuscripts.

In addition to the above resources, the Department of Research at Iowa Methodist Medical Center has strong ties with Drake University, Iowa State University and the University of Iowa. Researchers from these three major universities may provide collaborative support when needed with such things as grant applications, research study design, statistics and writing manuscripts.