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Program Policies

  1. ACP Clinical Vignette Competition
  2. Call Policy
  3. Documentation in the Electronic Health Record
  4. General Program Policies on Inpatient Service Rotations
  5. ICU-CCU Coverage and On-Call Responsibilities at IMMC
  6. Internal Medicine Residency Program Supervision Policy
  7. Internal Medicine Ward Call Coverage, IMMC
  8. Jeopardy System
  9. Medical Meeting Policy
  10. Moonlighting Activity
  11. Policy Call Coverage of Non-Teaching Service Patients at IMMC
  12. Policy on Pharmaceutical Representatives Contact with Residents
  13. Policy on Resident Recruitment and Appointment
  14. Policy on Fatigue and Resident Coverage
  15. Procedure Supervision and Documentation Policy
  16. Program Expectations of Internal Medicine Residents
  17. Professional Activity Outside Training Program by Internal Medicine Residents
  18. Resident Duty Hours Policy
  19. Resident Grand Rounds
  20. Scholarship Requirements
  21. Vacation-Sick Leave Policy
  22. Policy on Transition of Care
  23. Hospitalist Track Description

Written Curriculum

R1 Experiences

  1. Adult Emergency Medicine Rotation
  2. Ambulatory Cardiology, R1
  3. Ambulatory Medicine
  4. BMC General Medicine Inpatient Service
  5. Endocrinology Clinical Rotation
  6. Gastroenterology Inpatient Service at IMMC
  7. General Medicine Inpatient Service at IMMC
  8. ICU-Critical Care Rotation at IMMC
  9. IMMC R1 Pulmonary Inpatient Service (Y8 Pulm)
  10. Night Medicine, R1
  11. VAMC General Medicine Inpatient Service

R2 Experiences

  1. Ambulatory Care at IMMC
  2. Ambulatory Medicine, R2
  3. Ambulatory Medicine, R2-3
  4. Cardiovascular Medicine (CCU) at IMMC
  5. General Medicine Consult Service
  6. Gynecology and Women's Health
  7. Hematology and Oncology Rotation
  8. Hepatology Rotation
  9. ICU-Critical Care Rotation at IMMC
  10. Infectious Disease Rotation
  11. Nephrology Rotation
  12. Neurology Rotation
  13. Night Medicine, IMMC ICU
  14. Night Medicine VAMC
  15. VA ICU Senior Resident Rotation
  16. VA Senior Supervising Resident, General Medicine Inpatient Service

R3 Experiences

  1. Adult Dermatology
  2. BMC Medicine Service Senior Resident
  3. General Medicine Inpatient Service at IMMC
  4. Geriatrics
  5. Gynecology and Women's Health
  6. ICU
  7. Night Medicine, IMMC ICU
  8. Night Medicine VAMC
  9. R3 Hematology-Oncology
  10. Research, Publications and Presentations
  11. Rheumatology Rotation
  12. Senior Resident Board Study
  13. Urology
  14. VA ICU Senior Resident Rotation
  15. VA Senior Supervising Resident, General Medicine Inpatient Service

Elective Rotations

  1. Administrative Medicine
  2. Adolescent Medicine
  3. Allergy-Immunology
  4. Anesthesiology
  5. BMC Emergency Medicine
  6. Community General Internal Medicine
  7. Dubuque Internal Medicine Community Medicine 
  8. Clinical Pharmacology
  9. GI Consult Service
  10. Hospice
  11. Hospitalist
  12. Iowa Heart Center Cardiology Elective Rotation
  13. Medical Urology
  14. Occupational Medicine
  15. Ophthalmology
  16. Orthopaedic Elective Rotation at DMOS
  17. Orthopedics Elective at VAMC
  18. Otolaryngology
  19. Outpatient Gynecology Intensive
  20. Outpatient Pulmonary Medicine
  21. Pathology
  22. PM&R
  23. PM&R - Hospital Based
  24. Psychiatry
  25. Public Health
  26. Radiation Oncology
  27. Radiology
  28. Research
  29. Sleep Medicine Rotation Description
  30. Transitions of Care Across the Continuum of Care

Evaluation Process

  1. Evaluation and Promotion Policy
  2. Evaluation Process
  3. Expected Progress in the Core Competencies By Year of Training
  4. General Competency Assessment Tools

 ABIM Training Requirements