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Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy

Our team includes the patient, his or her family, a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist or a Speech and Language Pathologist. Our rehabilitation team communicates with the patient's referring provider about patient progress and ensures a smooth transition back to their care when therapy is completed. We will match your needs to treat your condition with the best clinic, therapists, convenient to you and your family, with the lowest out of pocket cost for you.

Amount of Rehabilitation Therapy Provided

  • One to three hours per day, therapies dependent upon patient need. 
  • Two to three days per week.

Nursing Care

  • None

Physician Care

  • Routine office visits with Primary Care Provider, and specialists such as orthopaedic surgeon, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurologist and other providers that direct your care.

Likely Candidates

  • Patients whose physical disabilities and medical problems are stable enough to live in their own homes and can travel to get their treatment. 
  • Many patients who have been treated in their provider's office, the hospital, Inpatient Rehabilitation or Skilled Nursing may transition their recovery plan to this level of care setting.