UnityPoint Health Occupational Medicine Newsletter | September 2012

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Our industry boasts a host of expert resources and professional organizations that provide a wealth of knowledge. I compiled a few of their recent gems below... 

1st Certified Occupational Medicine Program in Iowa!

In August, Iowa Methodist Occupational Health & Wellness received a three-year "Outstanding" Quality Certification from the National Association of Occupational Health Professionals.    READ MORE...

Is Your Doc Down with the DOT?

Currently, any medical provider with a state license to provide physical exams can conduct DOT physicals regardless of their knowledge of or adherence to federal regulations. The FMCSA hopes their National Registry, effective in 2014, will change that.    READ MORE...

Safety Program Assessment

The best safety programs are based on measurable success. Check out these tips and resources for ways you can measure - and enhance - your safety program and culture. READ MORE...

Who's "Competent" on Your Job Site?

The cover of a recent issue of the NSC's "Safety+Health" magazine caught my attention. Featured there is OSHA's "Competent Person" regulation. I was enlightened to say the least.    READ MORE...

Only YOU Can Prevent the FLU

Influenza leads to more than 17 million lost work days each year. With numbers like this, the flu is likely costing your business more than you think. Flu vaccines are an inexpensive way to prevent this very expensive illness.    READ MORE...

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