UnityPoint Health Occupational Medicine Newsletter | July 2016

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Physical Capacity Profile Now in Ankeny, IA

Earlier this year, we added Physical Capacity Profile Testing at our 
Ankeny clinic. We now have three PCP machines in the Des Moines 
area to enhance convenience and accessibility for our clients who 
conduct pre-employment strength testing. 

OSHA Rule Affects Post-Accident Drug Testing

In May, OSHA released a new electronic injury reporting rule that 
will take effect August 10, 2016. Along with changing the reporting 
process, this rule may have a dramatic impact on post-accident 
drug testing policies and their enforcement. 

Positive, Out of Temp, & Dilute Drug Tests

These drug test results require clear policy language and swift
action to ensure the rights of your employee and your company are 
upheld. Know your responsibilities in advance. 

A Refresher in Heart Attack & Stroke Signs

National Heart Month was in March, but after the heat wave of 
June, it's worth revisiting the warning signs of heart attack and 
stroke. Working in the heat adds cardiac stress, but knowing the
signs can be a lifesaver. 

Join Our Consumer Insights Community

UnityPoint Health wants to bring healthcare consumers to the  
forefront of our decision-making process. We value your input and
invite you to join Consumer Insights, an online platform where you
can share feedback and ideas to help us improve.   

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