UnityPoint Health Occupational Medicine Newsletter | December 2013

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Here's hoping your 2013 was a good one, and best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2014!

New Provider at Methodist Occupational Medicine

In September, Alison Good, ARNP, joined Methodist Occupational Medicine as the sixth medical provider in our three Des Moines area clinics.  READ MORE...

After-Hours Drug Tests in Des Moines

Some of our clients have used the lab at Iowa Methodist Medical Center for drug and alcohol testing after-hours and on weekends. If you're one of them, please read on.  READ MORE...

How to Be a Stand-Up Guy at Work

In a previous issue, I discussed the danger of long-term desk work (to review that captivating article, click here). On the flip side, poor standing work set-ups invite risk for an entirely different set of problems.  READ MORE...

New Requirement for Childcare Workers

In November, the Department of Human Services implemented some updates. If your employees care for children, you'll want to read this.  READ MORE...

Another Vice Vindicated by Health Experts

I start each day stumbling in a daze toward my coffee pot. If not for the caffeinated bliss that soon follows, I may never open my eyes. Now they're telling me my addiction may be healthy!  READ MORE...

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