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This month's issue includes a bit more of my personal insight than usual. I would love to hear your thoughts, so if you feel like chiming in, just reply to this email. Have a wonderful holiday season!

35 is the New 60: Surprising Facts about the Aging Workforce

After reviewing some research published by the National Council on Compensation Insurance, my perspective on the impact of an aging workforce on workers' compensation has been forever changed.    READ MORE...

How Secrets Make Workers Sick

When employees aren't kept in the loop, they know it. And no news is most certainly not good news. Instead, "in this economy", no news is an entirely legitimate reason to freak the heck out.    READ MORE...

A Mouse Tried to Kill Me... Are You Next?

An office chair, cutting steak, and a chart-topping song by War led me to an epiphany I should have seen coming. These occupational medicine doctors actually do know something.    READ MORE...

'Tis the Season For Gloves

The International Glove Association recently revised its cut-resistance rating standards to give employers a clearer idea of the minimum necessary protection they need to provide.    READ MORE...

Health Coaching in Des Moines: A Business Record Article

In September, Joe Gardyasz of the Business Record ran a story about health coaching in the metro. If you missed it, you may be pleasantly surprised at what he reported.    READ MORE...

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