Medical Databases and Web References

Medical Databases

Ovid - IMMC (Medline,  Cochrane) -- password required 
Ovid - University of Iowa (residents/faculty only) -- password required
MdConsult -- password required
EBSCOhost (Cinahl, Consumer health)
ACCESS MEDICINE -- password required
Natural Standard -- Access from library Intranet database page

Web Site References


Centers for Disease Control
Hardin Library, The University of Iowa
Hardin MD - Subject list of medical web sites
Iowa Board of Nursing

Free Medical Journal Articles

Free Medical Journals (Free full-text articles dating back to 1996-1998)
HighWire (Free full-text articles, usually 1-2 years post-publication)
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences (residents/faculty only) -- when you need to access restricted or licensed databases and materials, you will be asked to enter your HawkID and password

Consumer health web sites

MedlinePlus  - National Library of Medicine
NOAH - English and Spanish information available
Mayo Clinic

Oncolink - University of Pennsylvania
HealthInfoIowa - State Library of Iowa