Amy's Weight Loss Success Story

Amy's Weight Loss Success Story

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Amy's Story

"I was ready to change my life...really ready. I wanted my kids to see me making healthy choices and my weight was keeping me from doing the things I enjoyed. I was just 40 years old, struggling with diabetes and frequent knee injuries. 

It was frustrating. I would work-out only to re-injure my knee. Despite my best efforts, there were constant setbacks.  And it wasn't for lack for trying. Diets, the fancy exercise programs, I tried it all but nothing worked.

I knew I needed something to get me past this point. Something big. I decided to attend a free information seminar at the UnityPoint Health - Des Moines Weight Loss Surgery Specialists at Lakeview Medical Park to see if surgical weight loss options were available to me. I shared the information I learned with my primary care provider and together we decided surgery was the best choice. I can only say I wish I'd asked my doctor about it sooner!

In less than a year, I've already lost 60% of my excess body weight. And where before, I was checking my blood sugar two to three times a day and taking medication to control my diabetes, I now, with diet, exercise and the Lap-Band, am off the meds and checking my blood sugar just periodically.  Even better, I have a lot more energy. I'm doing more of the things I love. I'm living healthier and stronger.

I would tell those struggling with weight loss, you can do this! Go to the  weight loss free information session at UnityPoint Clinic. Be pro-active; ask your doctor about it. If you're ready to make a change, if you're ready to live life differently, weight loss surgery is an option. For me, it was a better start."