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Grateful Patient Joins Blank's Generous Family of Givers

Stacy Henderson UnityPoint Health Foundation Donor Story

Stacey Henderson understands just how important it is for hospitals to stay on top of medical advancements. In fact, he is walking on two legs today because of a breakthrough in medical science 62 years ago. Deeply appreciative of the care he received at Blank Children's Hospital as a child, Stacey is doing his part today to help future generations of patients.

On a cold winter day in November 1942, Stacey slipped as he ran across an icy street; he was hit by a car and his leg was run over. Rushed to Iowa Methodist Hospital, Stacey was told his leg had to be amputated below the knee because his injury was so severe. But a second opinion by Dr. Overton changed the course of his life. Dr. Overton had just learned about a new procedure-the traction splint-that could save Stacey's leg.

At the time of Stacey's surgery, Blank Children's Hospital was just being completed. The one floor that was opened became Stacey's home for the next four months. "The day of my release, I didn't want to go home," Stacey remembers. "That was my security."

Now 71, Stacey still keeps in close contact with Blank. He has been a regular contributor over the years, and recently he found a lasting way to make a difference for future patients. He is leaving a gift to Blank in his will. "I was doing some estate planning," Stacey explains, "and Blank was at the top of my list." Forever grateful for his experiences at Blank, Stacey hopes his bequest perpetuates the hospital's excellent care. "My bequest will be focused in the area of training doctors and other staff to learn about the latest procedures and drugs."

Stacey is excited to join the many previous benefactors who have made Blank the outstanding facility it is today. "Blank Children's Hospital exists because of the generous donations of the Blank 'family.' I just want to be a part of that because I've seen the results. I'm a living example of what contributions do."