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Child Development Center Fees

(515) 241-8827 Fax (515) 241-8808

Enrollment, Fees and Scheduling Policies

Effective January 1, 2018


Infants/Toddlers $52.00
2 year olds
 $46.00 3 year olds $43.00 4/5 year olds $42.00
Drop-In for UnityPoint employees – daily rates above.
Drop-In rates for community available upon request.


Weekly minimum (per child)2 days (M-F)
Late Schedule Fee $15.00/week per child
Late Pick-up Fee $15.00 per child per 15 minutes


 To receive care at the UnityPoint Health Child Development Center.  A child must have at least one parent or legal guardian, who is employed by Iowa Health or its affiliates.

Waiting List:
As space becomes available, priority is given to siblings already enrolled according to date of application followed by non-sibling children according to application date.

 Parents will pay for the number of days they schedule each week.  (You may flex your schedule from 2-5 days each week.)  Only exceptions to the two day week minimum charge is:  use of leave week, or low census day causing cancellations or scheduling changes from the hospital.  Written verification must be provided to the center from your supervisor to receive credit.  Schedules are due at noon every other Wednesday for the following two weeks (Calendar attached).  A late fee applies to all schedules not received by Wednesday noon.  

Additionally, the staff schedule will be done without including the child.  Space requested after the Wednesday noon will be allowed on a space available basis only. 

Drop-In Scheduling:
 Drop-In care will be schedule on a space-available basis only.  Drop-Ins are scheduled after noon on Thursday for the following week.  Drop-Ins do not have a minimum charge but pay for the days they schedule each week once the space is confirmed.

 Child care charges will be billed Monday through Friday for a two week period.  These fees will be deducted in the subsequent paycheck.  All employees will pay their child care fees through pay roll deduction.

Leave Weeks
:  Each calendar year, children enrolled will receive one flex week that must be used Monday-Friday. You must let us know when you want to use your flex week.  These days are not automatically applied.

Enrollment Fee:  An initial $40.00 enrollment fee ($70.00 per family) will be assessed on each new enrollment.  Fee is payable to confirm a placement once your placement is offered.

For Parents of Infants:  The center provides one kind of formula Similac Advance w/iron.  The center also provides rice cereal by Gerber.  Infants who are on other formulas and cereals, parents must provide.  All other food must be provided by the parent until the child is eating regular table food.

Parents supply diapers and wet wipes for their child(ren).