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PIAC Case Series

Case 11 - Michael, 6 months old

Michael is a 6 month old admitted with severe cough and vomiting. Pertussis is in the differential


1) What isolation precautions are indicated?

2) What other measures are in place to prevent spread of pertussis?


Isolation precautions indicated are: DROPLET.  This involves use of surgical mask when within 3 feet of the patient.

Other measures utilized are
  • Tdap for all HCW with patient contact
  • Post-exposure follow-up for all exposed HCW. Incubation is prolonged (ave = 10 d; up to 21 d). Antibiotic prophylaxis (generally azithromycin x 7 days) is offered to all exposed, and specifically recommended for those HCW with exposure at home or work to non-immune children.
Prompt use of DROPLET precautions and an immune staff are critically important. Multiple infected staff members can result from a single exposure if these are not in place.

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