Case 07 - Megan - 22 Years Old | PIAC Series
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PIAC Case Series

Case 07 - Megan, 22 Years Old 

Megan is a 22 y/o with ALL, fever and vesicular rash. A lesion is unroofed and base is swabbed. PCR for VZV is + establishing the diagnosis of disseminated varicella-zoster infection.


What isolation precautions are indicated?


This is one of a few situations where we need to utilize 2 of the transmission-based isolation precautions as varicella or disseminated zoster can be spread by both airborne and direct contact routes.


Only a few pathogens require use of AIRBORNE precautions:

  • Varicella/disseminated zoster (note - dermatomal zoster - no isolation generally needed as lesions can be covered and amount of virus present is magnitudes lower
  • Pulmonary tuberculosis
  • Certain types of influenza/other viral respiratory infection such as SARS
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