PIAC Case Series
Iowa Lutheran Family Medicine Residency Program

PIAC Case Series

Case 05 - Cora, 78 years old

Cora is a 78 y/o 10 days post partial colectomy who has had slow return of bowel function and had moderate debilitation from chronic medical conditions. You have just completed the transfer orders when you are called with fever.

She has received no antibiotics for the past 9 days and there is no indwelling line or foley. She has had 3 loose stools; Stool for C diff is ordered


1) Is a + C diff test sufficient to confirm a diagnosis of C. difficile disease?

  • What are the risk factors for C diff disease?

2) What measures can be taken to prevent spread of C diff?

  • When can contact precautions be discontinued?
  • What can YOU do to prevent C diff?

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