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PIAC Case Series

Case 05 - Clora, 10 Years Old 

Cora is a 10 y/o who resides in a long term care facility. She was hospitalized with pneumonia and ileus 3 weeks ago and has made a slow recovery. You have just completed the transfer orders when you are called with fever.

She has received no antibiotics for the past 9 days and there is no indwelling line or foley. She has had 3 loose stools; Stool for C diff is ordered.


1) Is a + C diff test sufficient to confirm a diagnosis of C. difficile disease?

  • What are the risk factors for C diff disease?
2) What measures can be taken to prevent spread of C diff?
  • When can contact precautions be discontinued?
  • What can YOU do to prevent C diff?

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