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PIAC Case Series 

Case 01 - Anne, 22 years old

  • Anne is a previously healthy 22 y/o who presents to the ER 5 days after appendectomy. She complains of lower abdominal pain, worsening over 48 hours, with fever and chills
  • Immediate postop course had been uncomplicated but perforation of the appendix was noted at surgery.
  • WBC = 15K


1) Name 3 health-care associated infections to consider.

2) What are some risk factors for surgical site infection (SSI)?

  • Pre-operative risk factors - name 4
  • Intra-operative risk factors - name 2
  • Post-operative risk factors - name 1

3) What is the incidence of SSI after appendectomy?

4) What are the SCIP (Surgical Care Improvement Project) measures undertaken to prevent SSI? What are other measures that may decrease risk of SSI?

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