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Three-year-olds / Fireflies

Amy Brennan – Amy started at UnityPoint Health Child Development Center in 2016.  She comes to us with her B.A. in Child, Adult and Family Services from Iowa State University and is currently working on her Master's degree in Family Counseling from Liberty University. She brings with her experience working with a variety of ages from infants through school-age. Spending time with her young daughter and fiancé,  Amy keeps pretty busy during her time away from work. 

Peggy CokelyPeggy Cokely - has been part of the staff at the Center since 2010. She graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Child Development. She has many years of experience working with infants through school age children. Peggy has also worked with special education classes and has served as a center director. Peggy currently lives in Clive and has two children.  

Noemi Hudson – Noemi started at UnityPoint Health Child Development Center in 2016.  She comes to us from Honduras which is where her Elementary Education Degree comes from.  She also has her Child Development Associate. She brings many years of experience with all ages of children. Noemi is bilingual in Spanish and English and speaks some Portuguese.

Zennie Huff - Zennie first started at the Center in March 2011. She is currently working as a Teacher Assistant in the Firefly area.  She has her Certificate of Specialization in Early Childhood Education from DMACC. She lives with her husband, Jack and enjoys sewing and singing in her spare time. Zennie spends her free time "Facebooking "with her family in the Philippines and Hong Kong. She works M, T, TH, And F.

Kari Osborne - has been part of the staff at the Center since 2011. She graduated from Grand View University in 2000 with a BS in Elementary Education and a reading endorsement. Kari has worked as a teacher and assistant director in centers with infants to school age children for over 10 years.

Things you need to know about the Fireflies area:

Our child to staff ratio is one adult for every eight children. There are two rooms in the area and the group size in each room is two teachers with 16 children.

During meal times, the children begin to serve themselves family style, rather than having everything served to them. Fireflies become fully independent in the bathroom and are supervised, but no bathroom charts are recorded. Fireflies brush teeth after breakfast and lunch.

We use learning centers in our curriculum and continue to track children's development using the portfolio system. 

The following objectives have been set for this area:

  • Play well in groups, using words to verbalize feelings, keeping hands and feet to ourselves, especially during group time and stories.
  • Making a choice when asked.
  • Put on own socks and shoes and dress themselves by putting on a coat, shirt, etc.
  • Toileting skills are mastered.
  • Physical skills including hopping, riding a trike and throwing and catching a ball.
  • Children are also introduced to tracing, stencils and working with scissors to further develop fine motor skills.
  • Intellectually, we work on colors, shapes, counting as well as introducing numbers and letters.
  • Ability to answer open-ended questions and expand upon story-telling. 

General Schedule for the Day

6:00    Center Opens/Free Play
8:45    Breakfast/Brush Teeth/Bathroom
9:00    Center/Activities/Group Time
9:15    Outside Time/Gym Time
11:30  Lunch/Brush Teeth/Bathroom
12:30  Naptime
2:30    Snack/Bathroom
3:00    Centers/Activities
3:15    Outside Time/Gym Time
5:30    Closing and Free Play

Child Care Plan for 3 year olds