New Technology and FibroScan


A Non-Invasive Liver Biopsy Option

FibroScan uses a technology called vibration-controlled transient elastography. It works much like an ultrasound in that it uses sound waves to measure the degree of scarring (fibrosis) that's present in the liver.

A FibroScan examination typically takes 10 minutes or less, during which you:

  • Lie on your back with your right arm raised above your head
  • Have gel applied to your skin by a clinician
  • Have the FibroScan probe placed on your right side over the liver
  • Get your degree of liver fibrosis measured

The interpreted test results are provided to your provider. The test can be repeated to monitor your management.

FibroScan is a service of Iowa Methodist Medical Center. 

For additional information or to schedule an appointment call 515-241-4176. 

FibroScan Patient Brochure