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The staff dentist works under the supervision of the Director, St. Luke’s Dental Health Center, providing general dentistry and endodontic services to pediatric and developmentally disabled patients.  The Dental Health Center serves a unique role in the Cedar Rapids community providing dental services to un- and underinsured patients from vulnerable populations.  This position requires the dentist to interact and work effectively with patients and their families from diverse professional, educational, ethnic and lifestyle backgrounds.


A.      Education                                                     

  • DDS/DMD, licensed in Iowa

B.  Qualifications/Experience

  • General dentistry practice, endodontics required; pediatric and/or special care adult dentistry preferred
  • Experience in a public health setting and/or caring for the un - /under insured patient population preferred

C.   Special Skills/Knowledge

  • General dentistry skills in diagnostic, operative, preventive, endodontics, prosthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics and radiology
  • Ability to speak or understand Spanish language, or additional language other than English, preferred but not required

D.  Mental and Cognitive Traits Required

  • Respects patient confidentiality at all times.
  • Able to work in a complex, emotional and stressful environment.
  • Maintains friendly, courteous and responsible interpersonal communication patterns.
  • Verbally presents factual, concise and timely information to the patient care team and medical staff as indicated.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively with people of diverse professional, educational and lifestyle backgrounds.

E.  Behavior Demands

  • Collaboratively interacts with St. Luke’s Hospital associates, providers, patients, families and the community in a professional manner.
  • Participates in multidisciplinary improvement initiatives as requested.  Develops and nurtures collaborative multidisciplinary relationships.

F.   Physical Demands

  • Practice of clinical dentistry
  • Sit, walk and stand:  may spend at least seventy-five percent of working time standing.
  • Lift, carry, push, pull:  must be able to lift, carry, push, pull objects weighing at least 25 pounds, utilizing good body mechanics.
  • Bend, stoop, kneel:  Occasional bending and kneeling may be required in troubleshooting equipment/assisting clients.
  • Manual dexterity/wrist and hand repetitions:  good manual and finger dexterity is needed
  • Vision, hearing, speaking:  must have good visual acuity and depth perception to operate the computer system; speaking and hearing are essential to the communication needs of the position.

G.  Environmental Conditions

  • May be subjected to noise and disagreeable odors.
  • Moving mechanical parts are found in the work environment.
  • Universal precautions must be followed when working in any clinical area; workers are exposed to biologic and chemical hazards and must use appropriate personal protective equipment as trained.
  • Work is performed in a well-lighted, temperature-controlled, and humidity-controlled environment.

H.  OSHA Risk Factor (Check One)

                       Category I - Normal job related task involve an inherent potential for membrane or skin contact with blood, body fluids or tissues.  Use of protective measures should be used under normal conditions.

                       Category II - Normal work routine does not involve exposure, but exposure may be required as a condition of employment.  Protective measures should be readily available.

                       Category III - No exposure to blood, bodily fluids or tissues is expected in the work routine.

I.  Age Specific Requirements (Describe the age group of population served).

  • Birth through age 18; Considers the special needs and behaviors of specific patient age groups served, including pediatric and developmentally disabled patients, when performing his/her job duties.


  • Is knowledgeable of hospital and department compliance requirements for federally funded healthcare programs (e.g. Medicare and Medicaid) regarding fraud, waste and abuse. Brings any questions or concerns regarding compliance to the immediate attention of hospital administrative staff. Takes appropriate action on concerns reported by department staff related to compliance.
  • Purposefully conducts all aspects of the job in an ethical manner in support of the hospital’s commitment to ethical behavior in all areas of personal and professional activity.
  • Provision of dental treatment services to Dental Health Center (DHC) clinical patients.  This includes, but is not limited to, pediatric dentistry, general dentistry, preventive care, oral surgery, endodontics, prosthodontics, periodontics and radiology services.
  • Provision of dental treatment services to DHC operating room patients in St. Luke’s SurgiCare, acting as head of dental staff  team.       
  • Supervision of DHC dental assistants and dental hygienists under the State of Iowa direct and general supervision rules.
  • Direct supervision of fourth year dental students through the University of Iowa Department of Prevention and Community Dentistry extramural program.

Consultation on hospital inpatients’ oral health problems with St. Luke’s Medical/Dental staff.

St. Luke’s Leadership Standards of Excellence

  1.    Sense of Ownership

Demonstrates personal commitment to St. Luke’s through quality job performance, a sense of responsibility for high achievement, professional appearance, awareness of current events throughout the hospital, and positive promotion of St. Luke’s.

B.            Courage

Fearlessly champions what is right versus status quo in addition to using their leadership to promote new ideas, address difficult situations, and take risks.

C.            Vision

Pursues and aligns both departmental and hospital goals consistent with St. Luke’s mission, vision, values and strategic framework while simultaneously influencing others and translating these goals into action.

D.            Passion

Demonstrates a commitment to the success of the organization through enthusiastic, positive, and inspirational interactions with others and continuous role-modeling of the behaviors consistent with St. Luke’s mission, vision, and values.

E.            Pursuit of Perfection

Actively engages staff in decision making and problem solving which are supported by industry standards, best-practices and evidence-based medicine which continually lead to ongoing education, performance improvement activities, and the highest standards of performance.

F.             People-Centered

  Uses effective communication/coaching skills to support, direct, and develop staff/others through the use of timely and appropriate performance feedback and shared departmental knowledge and skill.

G.              Responsiveness

Accommodates the needs of others through the use of timely actions, clarification, apologies, considerations, and the offering of additional information. 

H.              Communication

Openly interacts with patients and visitors through greetings and introductions, courteous gestures, engaging listening and feedback in dialog, providing helpful information, and avoiding technical language.  

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Cedar Rapids Community Details

Cedar Rapids is a growing region and fast becoming a destination place for relocating families and companies. Why? Because we never take our growth and success for granted. We are continually striving to make this not just a good community, but a great one.  Learn more.

As the second largest city in Iowa, Cedar Rapids is…

  • The largest corn-processing city in the world
  • The second largest producer of wind energy in the United States
  • One of the leading manufacturing regions in the United States
  • One of the leading bio-processing and food ingredient centers in North America
  • One of a few cities in the world with government offices located on an island

Cedar Rapids is home to almost 300 different manufacturing plants and two dozen Fortune 500 companies, including Rockwell Collins, General Mills, and Quaker Oats.

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Hospital

Since being founded in 1884, St. Luke’s has been dedicated to improving the lives of eastern Iowans by effectively and efficiently delivering the very best, most modern healthcare services available. St. Luke’s Hospital is an affiliate of UnityPoint Health and has over 530 licensed beds and over 17,234 admissions each year. Over the years, St. Luke’s has also committed itself to building positive partnerships with area physicians to further those efforts. With patient care as its main emphasis, St. Luke’s has created centers of excellence in advanced cardiac care, obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery, rehabilitation, and psychiatry. The hospital specializes in other areas as well, including nutrition, diabetes, family-oriented dental health, integrated medicine and others.

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