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Frequently asked questions

St. Luke's Hospitalists welcome the opportunity to personally discuss the healthcare needs of all their patients. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Why isn't my doctor here?

Your doctor continues to be interested in your well-being. With more medical care moving to the outpatient setting, there are more and more demands on doctors in their office practices. By using a dedicated team of hospital-based doctors and nurse practitioners committing their focus to inpatient care, the delivery of inpatient care can be enhanced. Your doctor has entrusted your care to the hospitalist team although your doctor remains available for telephone consultation.

Does my doctor know I'm here?

Yes, because your doctor has requested the services of the hospitalists for those patients that are admitted to the hospital. Your doctor is notified of your admission, discharge and is kept informed on any significant changes on your condition during your hospital stay.

What are your qualifications?

Doctors who specialize in the general medical care of hospitalized patients are referred to as hospitalists. Hospitalists have the necessary experience to deliver the highest quality patient care consistently and efficiently within the hospital environment. Each St. Luke's Hospitalist has a minimum of four years of medical school education and several years of training. Our doctors are also Board Certified and as licensed doctors, they obtain continuing medical education every year.

Who will see me after discharge?

You will be seen by your doctor after you are discharged home. You may also be scheduled to see one or more specialists who have consulted on your case after you go home. The hospitalist care team will arrange for a follow-up appointment with your doctor.

How will my doctor know what has happened during my stay in the hospital?

Details of your hospitalization will be communicated in writing to your doctor. Every effort is made to assure a smooth transition.

Do you have an outpatient office?

No, the hospitalists are dedicated to inpatient hospital care and do not see patients outside of the hospital. They focus exclusively on the management of hospitalized patients.

What if I don't have a primary doctor?

At the time of your hospital discharge, the hospitalist care team will arrange appropriate follow-up care from their resources of doctors in the local community.