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St. Luke's is Your Heart Hospital

At St. Luke's, we've been recognized as a Truven Top 50 Heart Hospital six times for offering better outcomes for our patients with comprehensive cardiac services. For 40 years, we have performed open-heart surgery in Cedar Rapids, as a trusted leader, specializing in innovation and the latest technology. Our team works hard to provide the highest quality care with fewer complications, better outcomes and higher survival rates. Your heart's health means a lot to us, and we want to keep it beating as it should.

Faster Heart Care

More patients than ever are receiving fast care for a heart attack. An Associated Press report states more than 93 percent of heart attack patients had blocked arteries opened within the recommended 90 minutes of arrival at a hospital, and the average time was 58 minutes, with the fastest on record 13 minutes.

 This timetable saves lives and leads to better outcomes. A heart attack develops when an artery that supplies the blood, that carries oxygen, to the heart muscle is blocked. Within minutes of a heart attack, heart tissue begins to die. Survival depends on how fast the patient gets to the hospital and how quickly they receive lifesaving care.

The average door-to-balloon time, the time it takes from a patient to arrive in the emergency department to the cardiac cath lab, at St. Luke’s is 58 minutes. St. Luke’s fastest reported time to date was 13 minutes. 

To speak with someone in Heart Care Services, call (319) 369-8909.

The St. Luke's Heart Care Team

Our cardiology team and partners are performing more heart procedures at St. Luke's than anywhere else in Linn County. Why? St. Luke's exceptional in-house heart team and our outstanding cardiovascular and thoracic surgeons and cardiologists are bringing some of the most advanced treatment techniques to St. Luke's and Cedar Rapids. Cooperative efforts such as these ensure St. Luke's will always have the most comprehensive heart care services program in eastern Iowa.

Our Partners

UnityPoint Health - St. Luke's Cardiology is the first and largest cardiology practice in Cedar Rapids and joined St. Luke's Hospital in 2010. We formed this doctor-hospital partnership to better serve our community. This enables us to coordinate care better and focus on increasing quality and reducing the cost of healthcare. The Cardiology clinic serves patients at their current office locations and satellite clinics throughout eastern Iowa.

Physicians' Clinic of Iowa Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeons