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Preventing heart attacks

What is a heart attack?

A heart attack occurs, in most cases, when a vessel supplying the heart muscle with blood and oxygen becomes completely blocked. The vessel has become narrowed by a slow buildup of fatty deposits, made mostly of cholesterol. When a clot occurs in this narrowed vessel, it completely blocks the supply of blood to the heart muscle. That part of the muscle will begin to die if the individual does not immediately seek medical attention.

Did you know?

Heart attacks have beginnings. These "beginnings" occur in over 50 percent of patients. More importantly, if recognized in time, these "beginnings" can be treated before the heart is damaged. 85 percent of heart damage occurs within the first two hours of a heart attack. 

There are warning signs and risk factors associated with heart attacks in men and women. View the Early Heart Attack Care (EHAC) page to learn more and don't hesitate to call 911 in the event you or someone you are with is experiencing symptoms.

Heart disease prevention

St. Luke's offers two opportunities to learn more about your heart health, Heart Check and the $99 Heart Scan.

  • St. Luke's Heart Check is a series of five tests to assess your heart, vascular and stroke health. The cost for all five tests plus a consultation with a
    St. Luke's heart care expert is $195. A comprehensive blood test is also available for $40.
  • St. Luke's developed Heart Scan to speed up the process of finding heart disease. We use this screening to identify plaque in your coronary arteries and assess your heart's health. There are no injections, treadmills or pre-test fasting. The cost is $99.