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St. Luke's Birth Care

Moms Are Amazing

You're going to be a best friend, a personal chef, a teacher, healer, cheerleader and the list goes on.

You're going to be amazing and having an amazing team in the doctor's office, delivery room and beyond will help get you started.

Steps to take for your baby

1. Find a doctor for you and your baby

  • Remember that when you choose a doctor for your pregnancy, you need to choose a pediatrician for your new baby as well.

2. Tour our birth care center

  • This is where you will bring your baby into the world.  Our staff is experienced and provides one-on-one care. We also have Cedar Rapids' highest level of care provided at the NICU (just in case you need it).

4. Pre-register your delivery

  • There's no need for added stress at the hospital. Take care of the paperwork before the contractions start by providing your contact, mailing and insurance information online.

5. Read up on credible pregnancy tips at All Things Baby

  • Once you start showing, your bump is going to attract quite a bit of unsolicited advice. Take what you hear with a grain of salt and remember to ask an actual medical professional if you have any questions.

6. Go to your first pre-natal appointment 

  • Providers typically schedule the first visit at about the eight-week mark (which gives you plenty of time to sort out the first five steps on the list).

7. Register for birth care classes