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Admissions Process

The applicant must submit the following by October 1 each year to:
    Program Director
    School of Medical Laboratory Science
    St. Luke's Hospital
    P.O. Box 3026
    1026 A Ave. NE
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402-3026

  1. Official application. Application forms may be obtained from the college/university advisers or by contacting the program director via email at Applicants may also click on the following links to download and print the application forms.
  2. Official transcript(s) of all college courses from which all science courses will be included in the calculation of the science GPA (biology and chemistry). Electronic transcripts are acceptable and can be emailed to Introduction to MLS/CLS courses will NOT be included in the science GPA calculation due to the variability between academic institutions awarding credits for the course. All transcripts will be required to be received no later than Oct. 1 in order for an applicant to be eligible for an interview.
  3. A non-refundable application fee of $50 must accompany the application.
  4. Letters of reference. References from two science professors, preferably one chemistry and one biology. The third reference may be from a former employer or another professor. All references will be required to be received no later than Oct. 1. It is each applicant's responsibility to see that their references turn the paperwork in on time. If an applicant's average reference score is not 35 or greater, their application will be placed on hold.
  5. Personal interview. Granted after the official transcript and letters of reference have been evaluated and an applicant is deemed eligible for an interview. A tour of the clinical facilities will be given at that time.
  6. Essay. A personal essay is required and the outline for the essay is listed on the application form. Each applicant's essay will be evaluated based on coverage of the outlined items, grammatical and technical inaccuracies and overall writing ability.

Prerequisites for Admission

The student must have satisfactorily completed 90 semester or 135 quarter hours of college level courses required for admission to the School of Medical Laboratory Science, and all degree requirements at the college or university affiliate. The successful completion of the 32 semester or 48 quarter hours of courses in the program will qualify the student to receive the baccalaureate degree from the college or university affiliate.

The student already possessing a baccalaureate degree must meet the prerequisite requirements for admission.

The prerequisite courses must include earning a 'C' letter grade or better for completed courses prior to enrolling. All entrance requirements must be maintained by accepted students until the start date of their internship.

  • A minimum of 16 semester or 24 quarter hours of chemistry, including general chemistry, organic chemistry, and general biochemistry, lecture and laboratory.
  • A minimum of 16 semester or 24 quarter hours of biology, including general biology, microbiology, human anatomy/physiology and genetics/molecular biology, lecture and laboratory.
  • Recommended courses include: parasitology, hematology, immunology, analytical/instrumental chemistry, ethics, and medical terminology.
  • A minimum of one course in college level mathematics and/or statistics.
  • The majority of the science courses should have been completed within the last five years.
  • The applicant must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in science courses and should have a total cumulative grade point of at least 2.5.
  • Applicants must be able to perform all essential functions outlined in the technical standards form posted under the Official Application section. Any reservations an applicant may have about fulfilling these criteria should be indicated at the time of the interview.
  • Applicants possessing a foreign baccalaureate degree must have their transcript evaluated by an agency in the U.S. (a list of approved agencies is available upon request) and obtained admission to an accredited graduate program in a college or university within the United States. The course work must meet the prerequisite requirements specified by NAACLS, and is subject to review and evaluation.
  • Students who do not meet the minimal GPA requirements may apply for the program if they so choose. However, if the science GPA is calculated to be less than 2.5 (including Biology and Chemistry courses from all academic institutions), the application will be held for further consideration until all acceptable candidates' applications have been reviewed.
  • GPA calculations for students who have had to retake courses, due to failing to meet the Program/Academic Institutions set requirements or not receiving a passing grade, will be an average of all grades earned for each course repeated.
  • Students who wish to reapply to the Medical Laboratory Science Program must submit a new application, application fee and technical standards. It is in the best interest of the student to submit new references, but a student may opt to use previous references one year after their initial application. If a student selects to use previous references, the student must allow the Program Admission committee to contact each reference to verify they are willing to recommend the student again. If a reference does not respond or chooses not to endorse the student, a new reference must be selected and turned in for the application to be considered complete. Applications are kept on file for one year in a secure location. After one year applications are removed and confidentially discarded. If a student would like to reapply and they have either already used their one year grace period for the references or it has been greater than one year since their last application, all materials submitted must be new.

 Selection of Students

  • The admission committee is composed of the Medical Director, Program Director and the clinical instructors.
  • A maximum of seven students will be selected from completed applications received by October 1 for the class starting either the following summer or winter. Accepted applicants will be notified by Dec. 1.
  • Applicants who meet the requirements and have taken the prerequisite courses from affiliated colleges or universities are given priority.
  • Applicants who meet the requirements and have received a baccalaureate degree from a non-affiliated college or university will be eligible for selection.
  • Interviews will be granted based on completion of the application form in its entirety, applicants' science and overall GPA meeting the minimum 2.5, reference score/comments, application essay quality, taking all prerequisite courses at affiliated institutions if applying as 3+1, and the number of repeated/withdrawn science courses.
  • Application eligibility does not entitle an applicant to an interview or acceptance into the program, as admission is based on a competitive basis.
  • The selection of students will be made on a non-discriminatory basis, without regard to race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, ancestry, religion or disability. In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, St. Luke's does not discriminate against qualified disabled individuals in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in any of its programs and activities.

Post Selection Requirements

Upon acceptance the applicant will be required to provide evidence of good health and proof of required immunizations. Students will be expected to complete the hepatitis B vaccine series prior to admission, unless alternate arrangements are made.

All candidates must successfully pass a pre-employment background check. The background check includes  criminal and abuse databases. In addition, candidates are required to pass a pre-employment physical, which includes a urinalysis drug screening. Both of these are done at the hospital's expense on site.