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One of the first to offer new prostate cancer treatment

St. Luke's Hospital was among the first hospitals in the state to offer a new radioactive injection for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. The treatment, called Radium 223 (brand name Xofigo) is a newly approved drug that emits radioactive particles, which can extend the lives of certain men with advanced prostate cancer. It was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in May 2013 after a successful clinical trial, and is appropriate for men with prostate cancer whose disease has spread to the bone but not to other organs.  Learn more about this treatment from the American Cancer Society.

Radium-223 (Xofigo) Therapy

This treatment is for the spread of prostate cancer into your bone. This treatment is administered by injection of Radium-223 dichloride into a vein. This therapy is performed for as many as six times to achieve optimal effect with minimal side effects. The period between injections is approximately four weeks. The Radium-223 dichloride infusion is performed over 1-2 minutes.

Radium-223 dichloride is a radioactive drug which goes to the source of cancer bone pain and may alleviate pain associated with bone metastasis. Side effects are usually minimal. There may be a decrease in blood cells and blood samples that will be monitored before and after each therapy administration. You will be able to continue all activities that you are already doing.

 View this informational video about Radium 223: