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Here are answers to questions from our sewing volunteers.

What materials are you using for the filter?

We are using many materials for the filter. We have been using things that are HEPA-certified. Such as a vacuum bag or furnace filter. For the shape of the filter we are making it an oval shape just smaller than the pocket. You do not need to seam the filter it can be one piece.

What materials are you also using for the fastening?

We are using multiple things so our staff can choose. We are using ribbon, regular elastic, and hair ties. For the ribbon we do one long piece about 40 inches. See below images.

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What materials are you using for the nose piece?

As for the nose piece we have been using pipe cleaners (we remove them before washing) or double-sided tape. If you are sewing these for us - you do not need to include these items.

Do we have to use 100% cotton? I have many fabrics and I don't know what they are made of but could verify cotton blend or purchase something specific?

No any fabric will really work, the lighter the better.

Where can I acquire the micron filter?
We are using hepa-certified vacuum bag filters, which are rated for the .3 micron level, which is the same filtration as an N95 mask.

Can I buy filters from you?
We are not selling the filters but these may be available from a vacuum store in your community.

Where do I buy the double-sided tape?
The double sided tape can be bought at many places such as Walmart or Staples. 

When do you attach the double sided tape, when making or when ready to wear?
This is the last step, the individual will place it on just prior to putting on the mask.