Fall October 26, 2016

Fall is here! What this means to most people is going to see the leaves, pumpkin spice everything, sweatshirt weather, and maybe some tailgating.  What it means to me is Harvest.  Harvest in my world is the end game, it’s what I have worked all year long for and I get to see how I did.  It is a giant report card.  It is also a non-stop, run er to the ground time of year.

I am an Agronomist with a small crop consulting company and am the only employee in Iowa.  I love working in the farming community because even though everyone is working crazy hours most if not all days of the week, they always find time to help others in need.  The small town of Winthrop had a gentleman pass away this fall and neighbors and friends took a day out of harvesting their own crop to get his harvested for the family.  He left behind a wife, four small children and an amazing farming operation including corn, soybeans, cattle, and hogs that he built in his short time.

I only had the opportunity to work with this man for three short years, but he definitely made an impact on my life.  Even though I have clients that I have worked with for the last 8 seasons, he was the first I told of my pregnancy, by a month.  I sometimes feel out of place in my job and strive to be taken seriously, I was very concerned how everyone I work for would take the news.  He was genuinely happy for me and had no doubts that I could still do my job pregnant and after having the baby.  It turned out everyone else felt the same way too.  I don’t think I could speak more highly of the families I work for and it just goes to show how great our farming communities really are weather it’s the big things or the small things.  

Please watch out for slow moving vehicles this time of year and I wish everyone a happy and safe harvest!