Waiting Game December 16, 2016

I have to admit that pregnancy has been pretty easy for me.  I didn’t have much morning sickness and what I did have was in the evening so it did not interfere with work.  Over all I have felt pretty good and considering what some others have to go through I feel I have no room to complain.  What I am finding the most difficult, besides picking a name, is the wait.

I have become a creature of routine.  I love my day planner and our dry erase calendar, I actually just upgraded to a larger one as I see our schedules getting more hectic! I will admit I am probably more excited about it than I should be. Currently I am one week to the due date.  So this waiting game is killing me.  Every day I think today could be the day…or I could go late and have to be induced and it could be two more weeks. 

My job also adds to the whole scenario as I am the only person in my company in the state of Iowa, so I need to get done everything I possibly can before D Day is here.  I had someone recently request a service of mine and they need it ASAP, I explained my situation and we are going to try it.  Cross my fingers I can get it done!

On the other side of things I have a pregnancy ap on my phone and others can comment and post photos. Some with due dates close to mine are having their babies and posting photos.  Seeing them is surreal, like that is what is inside me right now.  I am torn between “I can’t wait to meet you”, and “Holy cow this is real…maybe you should stay in there a bit and let me process this some more”.

Overall I am ready as I can be for when it happens whether it be tonight or two weeks from now.  It is just very nerve racking when you feel like a ticking time bomb.   The weather in the next few days sounds to be an Iowa winter combination of The Seven Dwarfs…Snowy, Blowy, and Frigid. Which means what a better time to go into labor and have a 45 minute drive to the hospital!

Do you have a story about your wait?