Big Brother and Sister December 13, 2016

In our family our pets are considered just as much part of the family as everyone else.  We currently have one cat named squirrel and our dog, Dallas.   Squirrel is more half cat half dog.  She has that independent personality of a cat, yet we are fairly certain she thinks she is a dog.  She is at the door waiting for you when you get home, loves to go outside, and even fetches.  Dallas is the baby of the family, spoiled and always wanting attention.

I am slightly nervous but mostly excited to see the interaction between them and the baby.  Dallas loves kids and is very gentle with them, but he is 60+ pounds and can get a bit rambunctious at times. I think Squirrel will just want to cuddle which also makes me nervous considering she is around 14 pounds.  They both love their attention and can get pushy if they feel the other one is getting more affection than them.

My plan is to have someone bring a blanket home that smells like the baby so Dallas knows the scent first.  I plan to come in the house first when we get home and give them both some lovin, then have my husband bring in the baby and slowly introduce them.  I truly believe Squirrel will be more interested in the baby’s toys and furniture, and I am guessing Dallas’s protective instincts will really kick in.  He is very protective of our house, my husband and me, I can see him taking on a whole new role as the babies body guard.

Overall my worries are low, but I know we need to proceed with caution.  In my mind there is nothing like the love of animals, for me dogs in particular.  I cannot wait to see the bond they will form in the years to come.

Are there any other tips on introducing our new addition to the furbabies?