The Name Conundrum September 26, 2016

I have had a list of names started for over a decade, as time would go on I would cross some off while adding new ones.  As friends and family started having kids names had to be crossed off if they were used, while others got cut for becoming too trendy.  Needless to say more names have been cut than added…our list is short, and the ones we agree on shorter yet.

How do you name a person?  You want something that does not sound too grown up as a kid, yet professional for an adult, something unique, yet easily pronounced and spelled by others.  Then you have to take into consideration name calling, nicknames, shortening it, initials, etc.  If that isn’t enough, I think the hardest part is almost removing some of yourself from it, if that makes sense.  

Personally I don’t particularly care for my name, it is over used, kind of boring, and for me a bit to girly, sorry Mom and Dad and all the Jessica’s out there.   I tend to go by Jess which I like better, but it still feels lacking to me.  Being a tomboy I tend to like more boyish names for girls which tends to understandably stir the pot.  Then you end up with the sure possibility of a boy and a girl being in the same class or school with the same name, I can see how this could lead to ridicule for the boy. Then there is a friend of mine with a very lovely name which tends to be used more for a boy name.  I personally love it…she wanted to change it most of her life.  This is where the whole removing yourself from it comes from, what if I have a girl and name her a tomboyish name because that’s what I like and she hates it or vice versa?

I suppose you take risk with any name, and there is sure to be people out there that don’t like it regardless.  Hopefully a few more months will give us enough time to find a name not only that we both like, but that our son or daughter will grow up to love.

How hard was it for you to pick a name?